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-IRL Dyr ekht myr-
Name Call me X, end of story; dakhe.
Age 21 and boozehoundin' up.
Gender 100% Male, guaranteed. No refunds.

Character Desc
"For some, death does not come." A biting chill consumes the nerves whilst the shadows swell in their domiciles. Like war-drums of the inferno, heavy footfalls of steel-reinforced boots herald his coming. Fur torn from the midnight wove across the toned youth, marred merely by stygian marks. An obsidian chain eminates raw malice, wrapped around his right arm and rattled with every step he took. A sinister sensation begins to defile all comfort in the air. Occulted by a crimson-trimmed hood, his enshrouded orbs do not gaze your way. His onyx-leathered parka, long since suffering its sleeves to be torn away, bore a massive sanguine swastika upon its back; while malefic crucifixes lined the rim. A trio of belts convoluted across his waist, constraining his coat and black cargoes. Yet your scrutiny did not go unnoticed, for he ceases in his strides; contemplating you with slits of eldritch-glowing amethyst -- eying you as a predator would its hapless prey. Now, you know for certain what that feeling in the air was; as your heartbeat resonates in your ears and darkness devours all else. Unadulterated, devastatingly pellucid dread. "For others death is refuge from the undying."

Extra I write, for the world around me is insufficient; so the only solution is the create worlds more to my taste. Sometimes I draw, for these worlds only draw breath in words -- yearning for flesh of their own, if only of graphite and sweat. Yet there is one thing I covet infinitely more than the lifeless creatures my fingertips weave from nothingness. Giving them the life that previously only existed in the imaginations of my readers, and this arcane talent manifests itself in roleplay.

Good, hard, intense roleplay.

I'm a Furcadian, maybe the future will label me former-Furcadian, as my luck has always taken the form of being ditched by other roleplayers in the same pattern each time. We discuss the RP, we begin the RP with my introduction post; and then you just fall off the edge of the world. Usually, I walk to the edge with quirked brows and peer down to see if you've smashed against anything; but that doesn't occur often.

My humor is dark, often sarcastic, and I highly value honesty -- as only through honestly being told that I'm a prick will I take measures to become less of one. It's nearly impossible to offend me, because I've seen more than my fair share of horrors. If someone accuses me of being a little blunt, I will always express my fondness of sledgehammers. Fighting is, to me, the ultimate sport and the ultimate foreplay; and I've always had a very great taste for tomboys. My fellow man has often found itself confused by the lack of attraction I demonstrate towards over-sized dosages of back pain, and sometimes I have been accused of lying about my sexual-orientation. To that I shall present only one response.

"You don't have to be bi, gay, or straight to appreciate the beauty found in a body."

I hope that getting along with folks around here won't be difficult, and although I'm not too commonly on the SF chat during the weekdays; I'll never turn down good conversation nor turn away someone with an honest curiosity in me. Never be afraid to message me, as there is seldom greater thrill than meeting somebody new; though I'm typically rather withdrawn.
species Fox (Mhortae)
gender male
loves Abuse, Albino, Anime likes Assassin, Bedroom, Brothel tolerates Cuddling, F/solo, Foreplay hates chastity, egg laying, hatchling
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Latest Journal posted 17 Oct 2011

Got some health issues that are becoming more and more difficult to simply circumvent, so I'll be taking bit of a break from SoFurry to focus on recovery.

This will not affect my 100-requests thread, as I intend to continue working on those.

Edit: Arrrgh, scratch that; can't even draw.  DX

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Gigi1t 2 years ago
thanks for all the post, votes, faves watches and input^^
Nhoggy 2 years ago
Any time, mate; any time. ^~^
Ykoriana 2 years ago
Thank you for the vote! ^_^
Nhoggy 2 years ago
No problem! ^~^
DarkWitchPixy 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch hun ^_^
Nhoggy 2 years ago
No problem! ^~^
Eric and Kimahri 2 years ago
Thanks for the vote. <3
Nhoggy 2 years ago
No problem!
Rayne Star 2 years ago
Hey there! Thanks for the comment! I drew it with Paint Tool Sai, I'm actually a bit of a noob. I suppose you're right, I could have given her tattooes but considering her fur color....
At any rate, thank you!
Nhoggy 2 years ago
Ahah! I've been wanting to get into Paint Tool Sai for a while, since someone hinted that it was free.

Maybe when I have a better computer. xD