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My gallery is friends-only. send me a request if you wanna see !

I don't rp.

Remember: Don't try any of this at home!

species dragon
gender female
loves BDSM, Chemical Use, Discipline likes Bodypaint, Semi NC, Trouble tolerates Mild Abuse, piercing hates Cum Digestion, Milk, breastfeeding
90 submissions 154,133 page views 779 comments received 188 comments posted 14,581 profile views
groups   Dragon Females

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MechaChick 1 month ago
Thanks for the vote, ^^ I done a new lesbian kissing one too o///o
vinom 7 months ago
Why was the punishment due image (And the votes commented on it) deleted?
AmberDragon 6 months ago
*meeps* ... 'cause I took the punishment... ;_;
vinom 6 months ago
What did the punishment end up totalling?
AmberDragon 6 months ago
8 minutes on setting 4 with capsaicin ointment... -.-;
vinom 6 months ago
No audio?
AmberDragon 5 months ago
eegh, nooowuh x.x;
vinom 5 months ago
Was there not enough votes for it?
Duo Theus 7 months ago
No worries mate
MechaChick 7 months ago
Thank you kindly for your votes and faves. :) You're welcome to post those gift arts in your gallery if you like.
scarletfurry223 7 months ago
If you rp wanna rp?
Wounded Knee 11 months ago
Hey, do you rp?
MechaChick 1 year ago
I'll finish up the art collab solo we had going as I'm not sure if you're still here. I really liked the concept so I'll gift art the two which have been on hold to you as I have to get those out.^^ I hope you like them when they're done.
Drakkor 1 year ago
Are you still around ?...
Drakkor 1 year ago
Thanks for accepting. Must say I love your ideas too. <3
Syn_and_Cynaria 1 year ago
Thanks so much for the watch, hopefully we'll have some more stuff up soon!