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My name is Kairo. Im a fun-loving dragon with a bit of a naughty streak. I draw and write but I draw more because writing takes a lot of time.


I no longer take requests.

My commissions are pay what you want. Essentially, you make an offer and I will accept it if I think it is reasonable. We can always work out a price. 

Like one of my characters? Want to draw it? The answer is YES I LOVE FANART. I just ask that you PLEASE send me the link and make sure you credit me for the character. :)

MAKE SURE THAT IF YOU FAVE ANY OF MY ART, THAT YOU LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING ME WHY! I would much rather have a comment than a fave! Comments help me figure out WHY you liked a picture.

species Dragon
gender male from Starkville, USA
loves 3D, 70s, 80s likes 69, Adventure, Anal vore
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Latest Journal posted 12 Jul 2013
Were gonna do a bulldog banter episode about music. So in our fashion, we want YOUR contribution.

Below, comment with your favorite genre(s) and artist(s). Feel free to link songs you like. (youtube only please or FA if you have artists on FA in mind.) I will spend this weekend listening to as much as I can. I am very versatile with the music I enjoy and cant wait to hear what you like.

we will talk about music in general, what we like, and other musical topics. Not sure who the guest will be though.

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firefromheaven 3 weeks ago
Thanks for watching!!!

I hope you give some of my other stories a read. Comments and favorites are always appreciated. Come join us in the comments section of my stories, we have a lot of fun there.
KairoTheDragon 3 weeks ago
I have a few bookmarked. going to start reading when I get time. I have been extremely busy with college stuff.
firefromheaven 3 weeks ago
Well let me know what you think when you read them. Good luck with your classes.
Winter Raptor 1 month ago
*Runs around spilling pesky feathers all over this profile!*

Thanks for the feedback and fave!
KairoTheDragon 1 month ago
It's okay. I like feathers :P and you are welcome
besonik 4 months ago
Thank you very much for the watch ^.^
Zinvandel 4 months ago
Thanks for the fave and vote :3
vanyelstargazer 7 months ago
Nice to meet you also here, and thank you for the watch. :) And, as I already said on FA, the pic you did for me is awesome, and I thank you for it very much! :)
KairoTheDragon 7 months ago
no problem! Figured I would find you elsewhere when FA was down.
Mr.Ryan 7 months ago
im loven your work man
Oloroso Rhone 7 months ago
And thanks for the vote & fav on 15, too!
Oloroso Rhone 7 months ago
Thanks for the watch! I hope I keep doing whatever I did to catch your attention ^_^
Rega256 7 months ago
most welcome!
SkyWing 8 months ago
And now thanks for the watch.