About RedWhiteFeather

Hello! Oddly lookin' and silly Gryphon here! I listen to music, play games and roleplay (a bit)! Squawk? Chirp? BURD OUT!

I listen to Electronic, House, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Soul, Indie, Jazz, Acid Jazz, Funk, UK Garage, Electroswing and so on.

species Avian
gender male
loves Avian, Blue Jay, Classic Jazz likes Anthro, Dancing, Nudity
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groups   Scalies of SoFurry

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FrostiBunni 3 days ago
Thankies for the favi~! ♪
MoistEagleVent 2 weeks ago
Thanks for watching! :>
Rafni 2 weeks ago
Caw caw muthafugga
Goji 2 weeks ago
Hiya! c:
tasunka 3 weeks ago
ooo... thank you, sexy Gryphon, for the fave, the vote, the comment...
RedWhiteFeather 2 weeks ago
<3 caw
tasunka 2 weeks ago
Oh, are you getting shy on me!?
RedWhiteFeather 2 weeks ago
Nah just bein' a burd and burdin' around.
tasunka 2 weeks ago
*picks pinfeathers out of my broad flat teeth* Good... you are too sexy to be shy
RedWhiteFeather 2 weeks ago
Pfff thank you ;v;
tasunka 2 weeks ago
*moves behind you and presses against your rump* Most welcome
Drafty 3 weeks ago
Well hello there and your very welcome :) *nuzzles*
Night Owl 3 weeks ago
Thanks for watching!
Nattfödd 1 month ago
Mhm, is a good quote. :P
Underscore B 1 month ago
Wulfer 2 months ago