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Real Name: Ian Bell Russo

Occupation:Collage Student (Im paid to write story and make animations)


Age: 20

Favourite Manga: D.N.Angel 

 Im a Italian male born in Japan thats living in a Chicago (Usa). I like to read romantic m\m storys, im kind and a proud homosexule. If you want to know more about me Read My life as a furry thats my life story.                                                                   

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species Gaomon
gender male from Tokyo, Japan
loves statue 57 submissions 80,739 page views 278 comments received 340 comments posted 10,153 profile views
groups   Digimon Males
  Male Human x Furry
  Feline Furries

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Latest Journal posted 07 Sep 2013

Looking for people to be on my "Skypecast" a podcast where we talk about entertaining moments in our lives, our interests,  tell jokes, and have fun. If you wana try out let me know.

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zeran 9 months ago
I mainly use either FA or IB for posting so after posting so much half the time i just start tossing stuff up on here ^///^; But i'll take it into consideration
Venalette 1 year ago
Worn out.Mostly from the constant headache I get from typing on a computor all day.I really do hate my job.The only thing I look forward to is the alone time I get.But thabks for asking.Hope I didn't bore you
Bell_the_gaomon 1 year ago
Oh no your not boring me i love interacting with my viewers :3 So yea jobes can be a pain i mean not only are they time consuming but thy involve unfavorable tasks that you feel like your not getting payed enough to do.
Venalette 1 year ago
Wow,I havent heard from you in a while.So how's life?
Bell_the_gaomon 1 year ago
Busy, fun, harsh (not as often) i wish i had more time on here. How about you?
Last one 2 years ago
Happy Bell_the_gaomon day! Hope you're happy!
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago
Thank you :3
Cbc0408 2 years ago
Happy birthday belll!! :3 I wish you the best!! :3
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago
Thanks your sweet!
Last one 2 years ago
aww, I got the message. Happy early birthday Bell! Hope it's sweet and awesome!
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago
Thank you so much!
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago
anyone who wants updates on when the next chapter of my life as a furry join this group > http://www.sofurry.com/groups/view?id=2757
Rho Tau 2 years ago
Thanks for the rating
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago
you earned it
Rho Tau 2 years ago
It's still nice of you ;-)
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago
watch out for part 6 coming soon!
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago
part 5 is coming out later than expected (because its going to be the longest part yet) so keep an eye out for it