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About PandaKat
I'm a wolf that likes to look like a cat who dresses as a panda :3 Rawr I'm a moose!
Oh, and I absolutely LOVE femboy/femboy relationships <3 Why can't the world have more of those?
species Panda Cat
gender male
loves Albino, Anatomically Correct, Angel likes Fanart, First Person tolerates Athlete
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Latest Journal posted 18 Oct 2012

Soooooo, here it is!


Should be at the top for a while! ~^//^~

There's some provocative photos there, but nothing really bad or anything.

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CosmicDat 1 year ago
No. Thank YOU. For being adorable! :3
PandaKat 1 year ago
Awwww! >//u//< hehe why thankya! <3
silver89 1 year ago
really late thanks for the watch but happy i looked ur pics show hot archer i don't think there is enough of them
PandaKat 1 year ago
hehe no problem! And whatchu mean? Not enough pictures of me being all archer like, or not enough pictures in general? ;3
silver89 1 year ago
in gen but ur deff helping that count go up
PandaKat 1 year ago
Why thank you ~^^~
I just got a new bedroom suite, so it's been taking me a bit to get my room together, but the moment I do I'll have more photos, so keep watching! :D
Baha_Riki 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch, you are super cute :3
PandaKat 1 year ago
Hehe no problem! ~^^~ I like your art hun!
Kitren 1 year ago
TomtomTB 1 year ago
Thank you for accepting. Glad to have you cutie. ;)
PandaKat 1 year ago
~^////^~ hehe!
zach8892 1 year ago
Well its true I love femboys
PandaKat 1 year ago
hehe ~^^~ me too <3
zach8892 1 year ago
super cute
PandaKat 1 year ago
Awwww hehe~!! thank you for the watch, fave, and uber sweet comment! :3 I 'spose I'll watch chu too! :3
TheMewTech 1 year ago
thank you for the watchness ^^
morhlis 2 years ago
Thanks a ton for the wat--- Ooooo, look at those pretty pics over there @u@
PandaKat 2 years ago
hehe X3
laserslutboy 2 years ago
mmm hey fellow femboy ;)
PandaKat 2 years ago
hehe hullo! owo *waves*