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Hehe i created this at work!! arn't i sneaky ^^ i'll add more when i don't have my boss or co-workers over my shoulder, else i get a bent over their knee for a 'thorough' reconstructional lecture on the woes of not doing work at work. Bah! who want's to do that when there's so much else to be doing!!! ^^ like finally realizing my affinity to fur! no pun intended towards furaffinity :P i'm not on there yet since my roomy is and tis a secret that i exist still haha.

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oh noesi! i tried to update my likes an dislikes an there's just so many of them to choose from! and i think i saved it but i din't see it so who knows XD I'm at work again an slowly trying to flesh out just who i am and what i stand for by finding things i like and fav'ing the really good ones! :3 i hope to get to know you all moar! and there will be more updates from me ^.^
species kitterfox
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Latest Journal posted 25 Jul 2011

Ooooh, shiny!  I kinda know what i'm doing but not really :P  I've got a lot of furry work i did prior to high school, but that was a long long long long time ago XD  Now i'm almost out of college i say almost because i've yet to finish but found a really convenient job (with my dad as my boss :( ) but it works!  I help around the office and work 9-5 doing all the fun drudgery you'd think goes on at an office job. *and yes i do know some programming too! and have to help with that, but i'm more learning than helping XD*  I initially went to school for business with the dream of running my own company, what that might have been i'm not too sure i just wanted to be my own boss :P   I love art, love love love it! went to school for it in highschool, and my mother went to school for art and so did her mom, yay artist blood!  and luckily my dad's smarts <3   I really hope to get back into things with joining up with SF =^.^=  I'm really busy at work as of late but i wan't to try posting some wor...