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My fursona is tigress with inverted stripes and an upside down white cross over her eye. She is petite (4'11") with a fluffy tail and large breasts. She enjoys silver hair and gorgeous pair of tiger eyes.

(Sorry, but I do not yiff. I have never and never will be interested. It just doesn't do anything for me and I am quite happy having real sex with my mate in the flesh.)

As requested I'm still willing to do line art commissions. If you got a request just email me. Single character black and white starts at 5$. Ttyl.
species Tiger
gender female
loves Anatomically Correct, Animated, Anime likes Alligator, BDSM, Cat tolerates Amphibian, Draft Horse, Equine hates Babyfur, Beagle, Black lab
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Latest Journal posted 27 Feb 2013

that this site existed till my mate mentioned it today. so yea just so you all know im still alive. im just kinda not here. i think i finished all my obligations to requesters here so i kinda left.(if i didnt send me a pm) but im on tumblr @   so feel free to come on down and ask my gals stuff. im on FA but to be honest im thinking about moving to a less jerk facey pasture. i know you guys pride yourselves on being open minded but some of you are just a$$holes. and i seem to be an a$$hole magnet. those of you who arent a$$holes. come find me. just dont let the others know where i am (LOL). but yea ill come on from time to time, but your better off searching my new tumblr or FA. Tata

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Tyvara_Panther 1 year ago
Your FA link doesn't work. I have the same issue with my name. Those silly underscores translate differently depending on the website.

What you do, is you go to your FA page and look at the name in the address bar. Copy that when you link to FA. The same is true of SF. What's in the address bar is what's important. ^^
Eriray076 1 year ago
Thank you very much for the +watch!~ :)
Clotured 1 year ago
Oh, Thanks For the Fav' :3 *purr*
Amethystine 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave on 'A Tantalizing Triumvirate'! :}===<

Of course, WhiteMantis did the art on that submission, I just did the added writing. I"m sure she'll have it uploaded to her account here eventually.
C_A_Prod 2 years ago
Hi and thanks for the +watch.
Coyote42 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav!
Hakuwolf 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! :3 *smiles happily and wags tail*
faulty_pitch 2 years ago
thanks much for the watch!
SMWolf 2 years ago
Thank you for the Faves!