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Hum, What can i say about me... Well, i'm shy, very very shy... i'm that kind of person that doesn't judges you and i can't hate anyone, i might get hurt if someone betrays me or something like that but i am incapable of hating, i don't know why. It is very hard for me to love someone... but when i do, that person becomes my first priority, but let's just say that i'm the person that people prefer as a friend and not as a mate. xD species Shy Snow Leopard =P
gender male
loves 69, Adolescent, Adult likes Anthro, Beaver, Boar tolerates Avian, BDSM, Bat hates Anaconda, Anal vore, Ball Slapping
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MaxYiffster 10 hours ago
Thank you for the story loving! Hope you'll enjoy the next installments each series.
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speedingz 7 months ago
Thanks for the fave! Much appreciated!
Gruffy 7 months ago
Thanks for the fave on "I Dunno" :P Nice to see you around after a while!
Zeke Kitteh 7 months ago
Thanks much fur the fave 8)
Victor Dachs 10 months ago
Thanks for the watch! ^^
Perrin Wolfbrother 10 months ago
Thank you for the watch icon_biggrin.gif
Darkstar 10 months ago
Thanks so much for the Fave!!! <3

*hands a cookie*
Greaver 11 months ago
Thanks for the watch and fave ^^
CodyDreamPuppy 1 year ago
Thank you for the watch as well :)