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Lyrr is a very free and loving spirit... and mountain goat! The most striking thing you probably notice is her big horns. The horns are a bit unexplained, no one really knows, since she is not masculine in any way. Though she wasn't bullied for it due to THOSE THINGS can smash through walls. She has a very wide field of interests and isn't afraid of trying something new. A Joy full little mountain goat, about 5'4". Intellectual and full of random knowledge! Helps in her work as a teacher.

Spending most of her days as a music teacher for 6-9th grade. With blonde hair, a athletic body, and penetrating, yet kind, emerald green eyes and her cute little tail. Sometimes helps her mother, dressed up as a maid, in their families confectionery & bakery shop. Loves men and women equally and wouldn't doubt in joining one or the other in bed. She is very outgoing, happy, optimistic and is always looking for a good time, will it be sitting at home playing her many instruments, going to a bar, or some kind of club. Skilled in many traditional instruments, but prefers the tin-whistle, guitar, piano and electric guitar. With this comes a wide variety of music, she is often complaining that her mp3play never got enough space for the many bands and artists she wants in it! Also, because of her families confectionery shop, she makes the most delicious dinners and deserts!

I am an artist, and I do comissions.

species Goat
gender female
loves 80s, Asian, Choir likes 69, Anime, Cabin
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Latest Journal posted 27 Feb 2014

Elder Scrolls: Been with this game series since Morrowind and now that I've played the beta three times and the forth coming up. I will write a little review.

Character Creation: A lot of options for you on how you want to make your charater! The only 'meh' part for me are the beards and the hair, there is just too little. However it's not bad at all, though an extra 5-6 hairstyles and beard would be nice to have!

Races: (Need the game up for ingame more details)
Altmer (High Elves):
Dunmer (Dark Elves): Pretty bureaucratic, have a nice 'samurai' feel to them.
Bosmer (Wood Elves): Carniveous and likes bows!
Redguard: Hailing from a sunken continent, these ferocious arabic/african humans are excellent warriors and prefer dualwielding
Breton: Humans and elves once mated, and they got Bretons. Very 'western european' and due the elvish blood in their veins, are pretty good at casting spells.
Nords: The Viking, brutal warriors from the North cold lands...

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Rayko 7 months ago
*Sneaks on this page and gives that sexy Lyrr-goat a big hug, then plays some with those awesome horns* :3
AlphaSinner 7 months ago
Just lost a 5v4 because I am pretty sure my team threw it on purpose >.>
Krieg 9 months ago
Frau Lyrr, I woke up this morning, and there was no coffee......imagine my pain and sorrow.
Lyrr 8 months ago
:( *makes you more* there there
AlphaSinner 9 months ago
Anytime xD
Kin Tsumi 10 months ago
hey Lyrr, i was wondering if you are currently working of any more of your later Goat artwork?

never-the-less keep up the great art!
Duo Theus 1 year ago
Lyrr 1 year ago
I have no idea what you are referencing to
Duo Theus 1 year ago
The gift
Lyrr 1 year ago
Seriously, if I write multiple times that I don't know what you are talking about, the obvious thing to write back, is an explanation. :S
Duo Theus 1 year ago
The tits in face for a gift, was saying thanks for it since it was the first gift I received in many years
Lyrr 1 year ago
akay, finally dude :)
You're welcome!
Duo Theus 1 year ago
~slaps the females butt~ Thanks, first gift I got since I can remember
Grimwinter 1 year ago
Ev_Hyena 1 year ago
Hey there^^
Lyrr 1 year ago
Oh hello
Ev_Hyena 1 year ago
How are you?
Epi 1 year ago
Den där get rumpan!