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About Raimei

Age: 21
Hight: 4'11"-5'0"
Weight: 130lbs [she has a rather thick coat]

She can shock people when they piss her off - so you've been warned.

Personality; She can be very energetic, but is rather clam when meeting new people.

She also has 9 peircings;
1 on her upper right ear
2g lobes, black tunnles

Hair; A light silver color with light curls.

Eyes; A pale blue

Attire; Usually wearing a loose fitted sweater or a baggy cardigan of sorts with a tank underneath and short-shorts to go with


A little about the person behind the character;

I'm bigender, personally prefer male pronouns.
I'm the same as as Rai, although I'm roughly 3" taller and a little heavier.
I'm a freelance photographer and graphic designer!
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me~

species Electric Snow leopard
gender female from Canada
loves Albino, Anatomically Correct, Angel likes Animated, Anthro, Asian tolerates 3D, Chastity Play, Chubby hates Anal vore, Babyfur, Bleach
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groups   Yamagoto Household

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Kaitio 2 weeks ago
Buh-zap. :>
Raimei 2 weeks ago
AlphaStreetWolf 2 weeks ago
Welcome back
Raimei 2 weeks ago
Thank you!!
Arnold The Wolf 11 months ago
Hello, mrs Raimei!
Wounded Knee 1 year ago
I thank you for accepting my friend request.
m-wild79 2 years ago
hey there! haven't chatted in a while, message me!
Arnold The Wolf 2 years ago
Um, do you remember the RP we WHERE doing?
Me3k 2 years ago
Oh the puns...such shocking puns... 8D