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About Myval

Hey and welecome to my profile ^ ^. I either go by Myval, or if you wish, call me by one of my sona names (Either Colin or Bryan) I an Education and History Major, out in the heartland of the USA. I love to role play.

Here is my main Fursona:

Name: Bryan

Species: Otter

Discription: 5'11, with an athletic build. Bryan has Reddish-Brown Fur, and brown eyes. His fur is beige on his chest, stomach, groin, and underarms.

My other Fursona:

Name: Colin

Species: Beagle

Discription: 6 ft, with a stocky build, and broad shoulders. Colin has whiter fur, broken up by large light tan/yellowish splotches. There is a large splotch going from his left shoulder down to his mid back, and his face is mostly the yellowish-tan with a white stripe, going down his nose.

My other characters:

Timothy: North American Raccoon
Lucas: Timberwolf
Andrew: Red Squirrel
Aiden: Anole

If you want to rp, feel free to message me, though I do request that you are literate, and are able to keep some sort of plot going.

species Otter/Beagle
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 22 Aug 2013

So TropicalPanda is having this neat little raffle.

I'm really not sure what else to say but he does have pretty awesome art so, why not.


Grahckheuhl 1 week ago
Hey-o, I'm glad you enjoyed the story! <3
Myval 1 week ago
Hey, it was a really cool story. Some parts toward the end where a little confusing, but over all very good.
DarkSoulsSauron 1 month ago
why thank you for the watch. what hooked you?
Myval 1 month ago
I really enjoyed the character interactions, and how you portrayed Magic in the otter/wolf's story. And besides I'm fond of such a pairing.
DarkSoulsSauron 1 month ago
why thank you. check out my other stuff when you get the chance.

DarkSoulsSauron 6 days ago
Heya. you still there?
Myval 6 days ago
sorry, I had to figure out what I was going to do, and still having him sleep past when Knoll wakes. And magic the gather is the great time sink.
Evane 2 months ago
Thanks for the watch and favs ^^
Monion 2 months ago
Thanks for the fave on Merry Christmas, Lone Wolf. Since you enjoyed that one, you may also enjoy Happy New Year, Lone Wolf.
kamikazetiger 2 months ago
Hey thanks for the fave of my tail tale story ^_^
Zinvandel 4 months ago
Thanks for watching me ^^
I hope you enjoy my art
Chance Prowlers 5 months ago
Thanks for the fave!
Arcticf0x 7 months ago
Thank'ee for the fave ^^
TropicalPanda 7 months ago
Thank you very much for the watch =3
ShyWolfy 10 months ago
I loveee youuu. <3 <3 *Nuzzles*
Myval 10 months ago
I loveee youu toooo <3 <3 *Hug you*