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I do commissions! With a great variety of options available I am not as good as say Firefeathers or Blotch but i do make sure you get more then your money's worth.

With the holidays coming soon you need cheap but meaningful gifts.

I Have many slots available. Prices for the holiday season are listed below:

Stories (up to 10 pages per chapter): $5 per chapter 

Send me a note here or on DA. You can also send me an email subject: Art Commission to my email at

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Latest Journal posted 08 May 2013

So me an my Fiance Silvester Campse have decided to get wed on June 12 2014.  At about 1 pm CST, in our house.  The reception is at about 4pm, and we are busy working on getting everything perfect. *squeeeeee*


Menu is under way and i am going with an international buffet type deal.  We have American, Thai, japanese, and Spanish foods on the menu was is, but i am hoping to also get British, french, Germanic, Scandinavian, Sirian (cubbie), some good hummus, and a couple of other international dishes on the menu.


I am saving up to get Fox amoore to play at the wedding, and that is going to be the hardest part. *ultra squee*


Drescode is decided on, and decoration is the last major thing asside from beverages and menu that really need to be rounded out.  Wish me luck in my quest for the perfect wedding day!

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Maxie 1 year ago
Hey there*waves*
Damn you're gay.... wait that's actually HOT!!! Excellent pictures. Look forward to possibly hearing from you.
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago
and i am taken!
kan12 2 years ago
Hey wat up
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago
not much
Killerwolf1020 2 years ago
thanks for the watch ^^
SianBlackPeril 2 years ago
Thanks again for the watch & faves, they are wonderfully appreciated!
Razor Blitz 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch there.
Rocelin 2 years ago
S'all right, no worries