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About Picklessauce69

Hi Everyone!
I can't draw to save my life so don't expect any artwork from me on here.
But I can write, pretty well if I do say so myself :P. My furry stuff is all saved as stories but my human stuff, and a couple off things are saved as journals, so read my journals too.

Also, if you want messages about story ideas I have, when I might be busy, and other such things. Join my group ( I send mass messages there. 

 Pet: the lovely Chrono X99 <3

Little Dragon Boo: Demxy <3

If you have any requests or suggestions of something I could write I'b love to read them, leave them in my shoutbox or pm me.

Also, I'm almost always looking for exciting, sexy, and or dramatic, heart wrenching roleplay so if you want to send me a pm :)


P.S I have a website that is a collection of some of my other roleplay characters it is a little *cough cough* older, but it still gives a good list of some of my character roleplay ideas so check it out if you're interested.

species Puppy (meaning dog, not a actual puppy though I do play that young but by default age would be around 18)
gender female
loves 69, Angel, Anime likes Anal, Badge, Bat tolerates Cetacean, Clean, Dinosaur hates Tentacles
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I am indeed still making collars, though work is a bit slow right now cause I've got a bad inner ear infection and cant sit up for longer than about 5 minutes at a time. :D
Picklessauce69 5 days ago
Aww man! I'm sorry!
its fine, I've been on meds for it for a few days now, and should be up and running in a few weeks. :D
GothBunnyBoy 2 weeks ago
ah yeah yeah, the term puppy pickles was mysterious at first... I tried decoding it~ but I get it now... the bees where on the boat...
Picklessauce69 1 week ago
Hah, sorry! XD
RoughHusky 3 weeks ago
If you'd like to chat- please message me.
Phalynx 1 month ago
How's you?
foxwarrior47 2 months ago
Picklessauce69 2 months ago
If you'd like to chat- please message me.
Kayin Kanno 2 months ago
In private?
foxwarrior47 2 months ago
i can't message you :(
RavenStar18 2 months ago
Hello there! Wanna rp?
Picklessauce69 2 months ago
If you'd like to chat- please message me.
Kayin Kanno 3 months ago
So what kind of Rp's you like to do?
Picklessauce69 2 months ago
If you'd like to chat- please message me.
Celestial-Being 3 months ago
Your dessert pics are making my tummy grumble. X3
Picklessauce69 2 months ago
Thankies! :D
KateTheMarten 3 months ago
Thanks for the watch! I'm glad you like my stuff :D
Phalynx 3 months ago
cute tail wag icon
Picklessauce69 3 months ago