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About Spyrox33
young male dragon
age 25
Gender Male
Sub.Dom.both ways
Personality caring openminded often chatty
anyone wanna add me as a friend go to beta sofurry and add me
. loves dragons lizards digimon pokemon. wants to spend my life with a real dragon. well what real dragon lover wouldn't want that. loves videogames horror sci fi comedy cartoons and i,m terrible at writing stories so you people won't have any stories written by me. I have a huge soft spot for dragons. want to become a real dragon in real life. And i like pretty much all and dragon art and flash. i,m very open minded and don,t worry i,m not a homophobe, i admit i.m a homo myself more leans toward the male dragons and other species than the female. i am a bi however here is my link to my facebook if anybody wants to add me
Anyone who has a 3DS and wants to add me note me and tell me your friend code. here is mine 5112-3704-8410 this is for me cuz i keep asking my bro to link me it. and i dont know how to find it also i am on steam now.
species Dragon,Argonian,Shark,Orca,Sergal.Digimon,Crux
gender male from Charlotte, Michigan
loves 3D, 69, Acid Jazz likes Alien, Anubis, Arctic Wolf tolerates Black And White, Crossdressing, Gargoyle hates Censored, Lesbian, Neutering
50 submissions 3 roleplay characters 16,162 page views 197 comments received 1,983 comments posted 9,740 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Cetacean Males
  Dragon Males

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Latest Journal posted 19 Dec 2012
hopeing to get some gift pictures from people Wish list some pictures gifts just putting what i want Android Phone for angry birds. Bad dragon toy dragon powers magical powers Friends with Spyro


hazardbwb 8 months ago
Hey babe <3
brookie 8 months ago
thanks for watching
Meical 9 months ago
Thank for the watch.
Spyrox33 1 year ago
thats cool but humans. not my thing
THE LOVER BEAST 1 year ago
yep, i kno, but the humans looking for me, i cannot break their hearts XD
Spyrox33 1 year ago
Ahhh yeah that is true
Angel LeFey 1 year ago
Thank you so so much for the watch and everything.
Spyrox33 1 year ago
Your very welcome for the watch and everything
Scripty 1 year ago
the pleasures all mine.
Tyr Wyrgon 1 year ago
Thanks for the fav, watch, and votes.
THE LOVER BEAST 1 year ago
Growlie say: THANK YOU :3
PUPPYWULF 1 year ago
Thank you very much for watching, favorite and voting.
Bluefire34 1 year ago
Your welcome