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About ElementalFour56
Basically what I do is very simple. I take a normal photograph and digitally manipulate it to get that beautiful fractal neon effect.
I enjoy the way that the look and I hope that you guys do too! It's become kind of a hobby of mine. :-)

I'm always open for requests!
If you have one, send me a pic (preferably good quality) and I'll see what I can do for you! :-)
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Io 2 years ago
Hey! *Pounces, Hugs & Licks* I hope you're doing fine & in good health wishing you & yours the happiness of Xmas & all the best of this coming New Year!

Killerwolf1020 2 years ago
Yea i thought that too about posting Pyramid Head. Hes not technically a Human though his body features may seem human he is described as a monster (possibly undead or demon like?) and one guy freaked at it and took it down. And though Dinos arnt furry they are scaley and people tend to consider all animals furry XP
Dragongorgon 2 years ago
thank you very much for the fav (Horse head update) and the vote :)
Cherryb0mb 2 years ago
Thank you for the fave!
Pentanthin 2 years ago
Amazing digitization. you really have a talent there for bringing the hidden aspect to light.!
ElementalFour56 2 years ago
Thank you very much :) Always glad to know that people are enjoying them :)
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago
First shout! Thanks for the fave, and the stars.