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Name: Sapphirè 'Shadow' Moonstrike
Age: 17-27
Gender: Female
Species: Black Dragon
Element: Shadow, Fear
Shoots killing thick black stream of smoke like fire.
Becomes one with the shadows, invisible but not inaudible, can pass through doors.
A deafening sound radiates from her mouth paralyzing enemys with fear for a short period.
Paralyzing Bullets-
Bullets of fear pour from her mouth with a tracking ability, three at a time.
Resistance: Physical Attack
Preference: Bi
Appearance: A black dragon with white horns sprouting from the back of her head, she has large wings and on the end of her tail is a silver Tail Blade.


Name: Shadow Lakeshine
Age: 15-25
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf
Preference: Bi
Apperance: A black wolf, on the tip of her jet black tail is a white dot. She is usally wearing a black skirt and a white top with black flowers on it.

Name: Axel Flame
Age: 16-26
Gender: Male
Species: Red Dragon
Element: Fire, Electricity
Boiling fire rolls out of his mouth, strong enough to melt pure metal.
Fire Rush-
As he charges he is surround by fire boiling at over 100 degrees.
A storm rages around him as he roars a honing boost of electricity is shot at anything.
Electric Shield-
A shield of eletricity is formed around him.
Resistance: Ice Dragons
Weakness: Water Dragons
Preference: Bi
Apperance: A red dragon with a orange belly and yellow horns, curling around from the back of his head. A yellow tail blade in the shape of a thunderbolt.


Name: Peridot Shine                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Age: 12-19

Gender: Female

Speices: Kitten-dragon morph

Element: Shadow, Light



She can controll a person for a short time (5 mins)

Holy grace-

She can uncorrupt a corrupted soul


She can grow and shrink at will, but she cant break something by growing

Preference: Straight

Apperence: A silver kitten with white paws and black dragon wings sprouting from her back. Her eyes are blue and they glow red in the dark.


species Dragon
gender female
loves Abduction, Action, Bondage likes Albino, Canine, Cuffs
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ShadowFire the dragon 9 months ago
Love your spyro stories hard to find good ones like yours
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Love you baby
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U HAS STEAMS? Do you have Steam?
Starhunter 2 years ago
*Blinks* ...?
Maximus_C 2 years ago
Thank you for the watch. I know this is late but better late than never! Right? ^__^
DracoPhantasm 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^.=.^
Starhunter 2 years ago
Thanks you guys <3 you all!
P.S Free cookies get your free cookies!
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thanks for the watch and welcome to sf
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Nuuu mine! i found her first D=
Darrell Lane 2 years ago
Too late! I beat you here! :D
Darrell Lane 2 years ago
Was nice to meet you :)