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About Rasha the purple panther
I am a college student and employed, I will not be available during the school year. And works two jobs.

I am seeking out mates and family to adopt. And yes incest will happen. To qualify you must be interested and willing to do most of what I have listed below. Hehehe

New icon. Art done by LDR

Feel free to visit my NEWEST group. A group that targets those who enjoy what I enjoy. An inbreeding group for those who like Cubs, Pregnancy, Incest, and Age-Play

Mated to a lot of people because I have such a big heart for them all

Name: Rasha: Amazonian Goddess of Fertility

Proud mother of twins. Son: Drak and daughter: Lucie. Still new-borns and has giant breasts filled with milk seeking someone to drink from them while the kids sleep. Her children were born 10/5/11. Lucie is a female purple pantheress with yellow dragon eyes while her son Drak is a purple dragon with purple spliced feline eyes like his mother.

Height: 7 feet tall

Gender: Mostly a female but will be a Shemale at times

Weight: No clue

Build: Athletic with muscle showing

Bust: 60 EEEs

Rasha is 33 years old MOTHER (which means she has experience in bed Hehehehehe). She is no skinny weak helpless defenseless girl that needs a man to protect her. A dark purple color fur coat on her back and tail and butt with a light purple belly bust and groin and chin to bottom of her neck. Black eye lashes and eye liner and eye shadow with a bad ass antagonist look. ((See picture link above for EXACTLY HOW I LOOK))

She can be a major bitch when it is needed but is normally very motherly. She is very cool calm and collective and has learned from past mistakes that make her how she is today. She is sweet and in need of a good hug ever now and then. Feel free to chat with her and meet her. She can get very frisky with males at times. She's a sucker for male dragons. But over all likes every type of furry. She is a grown woman and deserves to be viewed as such. She has muscles and height ans can fend for her self but is not afraid to kneel down and pleasure a man till he cries or let him take over and use her for his pleasure.

Story: working on it....
RP preferences: Ok I am sick and tired of being the one that comes up with all the ideas. If you want to RP with me you need to have a creative mind. Also I do not like slutty girls that only want my body. You would be better off leaving me alone. I do not like shy innocent looking fembois that want me to dominate them. I want a MAN! A man with confidence and knows how to please a girl. If you are a woman then I want a WOMAN that is confident. I want a RP partner that knows how to RP and is not an ass and looks to having a friendship than a one time fuck. TRUST ME being my friend will get you more sex from me then just coming to me only for sex.

He/she/shi needs to like incest, age-play(9-14), cubs(9-14), and impregnation and pregnant sex. Also they must be ok with a SLIGHTLY closed relationship. When we are both online then no sex with anyone on an alt or other room. Full sexual tension to each other unless both agree to bring in a third. When one is away then its free fucking. I have certain needs that have been add in this Example that I got from a RP I did with a certain friend that really got me into this. My mate is A FATHER FIRST AND MATE then he is a lover second. If you don't like it then don't waste your time talking to me. This is an example for men. For women just think of me as a herm.

EXAMPLE: (Optional) >> He goes to his older daughter at like age 8 and bends her over and fucks her hard and good then kisses her and tells her he loves her and goes to see his wife return. He immediately kisses and nuzzles him and they have sex. Then when they are asleep the little girl comes in the room scared from nightmares and daddys lets her in the bed and snuggles her. Then he wakes up with morning wood and makes the little girl suck his cock and fucks her again. then he sees mommy breast feeding the baby and replaces the nipple <<(Optional) Then when the baby has her fill he eats out mommy and fucks her as mommy gets sucked on my two babies then face fucks his mate then kisses all three and goes to work. See? Love and lust. A father first a lover second to the kids. A mate first and lover second to his mate. This is just an example. Not a requirement. The words between <> are optional. I was never into them but a certain boar got me liking it if it is gentle and the love and father come first.



Lucie>>Biological Daughter
Drak>>Biological Son
Panthra>>Twin Sister
Little Samantha>>Adopted Daughter
Claire Cooper>>Adopted Daughter
Leo_Rage>>Adopted Son
Talon NightWhisper>>Adopted Son
Isabelle nighthawk>>Pet
Maxie Shannon>>Pet

Trusted friends: People I trust to not stab me in the back. ((Will be extended))

Hiasaki Xenda
Little Samantha
Tyler Rubyre
Isabelle nighthawk
UnReasonable Factor
Myrrik Silvermane
Iron Rod Stallion
ODST Maine
sekeolath hesjing sjac
UnReasonable Factor
Jericho Jack
Maxie Shannon


All credit to the artists and will be removed if asked by the artist him/her self

Ok to all the gryphons out there you claim Gideon has not drawn Gryphon porn well I found it.
species A purple panther or herm panther if asked ((whisper friendly///READ PROFILE))
gender female from Houston, Texas, America
loves Alien, Alligator, Anime likes Albino, Avian, Bodypaint tolerates 69, Amphibian, Babyfur hates Anal, Anal vore, Anatomically Correct
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claws would run along her neck as soft purring could be heard in her ear then then soft click of some something be place around her neck then a lick on her cheek and the feel of claws and tongue fade away yet the feeling of something on her neck is still there.
Purrs more than proud to become her eldest son's pet. Slides under his bet sheets to please her new master to assure he sleeps well so he has energy to use her tomorrow.
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