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I'm still in high school, i love video games, i'm a nice person, love gay fan fiction like lion king, loves bears, panda, tigers, dragons, wolves, husky, mucsles, chubby, dominate and submissive, random shows(you know, the one that makes no sence), anime and other stuff. My fursona are based on my personality and my physical appearence, i would be more of a muscluar chubby teen bear but i love dragons, especially dragons with fur, i'm chubby but still strong, and im 5'11.

-my fursona is a big bull dragon/chimera (can be either or)

-he is 18 (though i can change his age when ever i want)
-6 feet tall, strong and chubby, but not noticably chubby.
-weighs about 300lb
-black fur, green eyes, green hair/body hair(pubic, facial, chest; puff of fur between his pecs with a happy trail going down to his green pubic hair; and armpits.)
-can have has green tribal tattoos around his left arm going down to his dick.

-my other fursona is a panda bear

-also 18 (also can change age)
 -height is 5 ft 10in tall, strong and chubby
-wieght is about 250lb
-regular black and white fur, green eyes, green hair/body hair(pubic, facial, chest; puff of fur between his pecs; and armpits.)

-persona for both are tough looking but really kind and soft hearted, and very playful, almost to the point of being a little kid, very calm and relax, oblivious and laid back, both are also sub and dom and don't cacre if they get topped or they top.

species black bull-dragon/chimera or pandabear
gender male from New York, U.S.A
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Latest Journal posted 21 Feb 2014

my friend code is 1091-9507-7398 my name is Ven ( took the name from kingdom hearts XP ), only game i have at the moment is pokemon Y, couldn't help but get the game, played almost every pokemon game since i was little, though is not that entertaining anymore but i still can't put it down XD

oh and if you have pokemon X, i would love to trade a charizard Y for X, and any other game specific mega pokemon

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laserslutboy 2 months ago
Nice artwork you have there
Cearulwolf 2 months ago
Thanks for the fav, vote, and watch!
AnimeMuch 4 months ago
Thank you for the vote ^w^~
Jango Steel 5 months ago
Hey dire,

I know it's been a long time since we talked an I miss that very much. I hope we talk soon,

Old friend,

BobbyTigre 9 months ago
thx for da watch!
Nex_Canis 9 months ago
Many thanks for the watch and all the faves!
firefromheaven 1 year ago
Thanks for da favorite n'at on Pittsburghese N'at Part 2
Igneel94 1 year ago
And finally kingdom hearts rules and spoiler alert axel becomes an actual person and not a nobody and helps Mickey with sora in kingdom hearts dream drop distance
Igneel94 1 year ago
Great drawings
Igneel94 1 year ago
Three things love the avatar sora with a Popsicle classic