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About Takkisis Dark
i do no commissions or any thing of the such cant draw worth crap I'm a writer and "enjoyer" of i do not write erotica but i do occasionally turn an Rp into a story if i have the chance or fell creative enough to do it.

i have msn messenger i you ever want to contact me for what ever reason that i would have no idea what for but what ever here it is

_ _
(@ @)

| ~~~~~ DO ~~~~~|
| ~~~~ NOT ~~~~ |
|~~~~ HATE ~~~~|
|~~~~~ ME ~~~~~l

|| ||
ooO Ooo
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catgirlatheart 4 years ago
Thank you for the fav
ronald f 5 years ago
thanks for fav and watch^^
Drgnluv3r 5 years ago
Thank you for the fav ^^