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About Vendetta
Vendetta was born and bred in the United Kingdom and started writing in his childhood. From reading the Science Fiction greats of Issac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, and Larry Niven, as well as the nature parables of Richard Adams and the fantasies of C. S. Lewis, was his cloth cut. There came a time when all the many words inside started leaking outside, and then he had to write. He's not stopped since.

Furry came later to the game for Vendetta, sinking its hooks into him during his teenage years with the VHS release of the Lion King in 1995. From fan-fiction to erotic fan-fiction to erotic furry fiction, his destiny was set: porn with a plot. It's all been downhill from there, leading inexorably to his publishing on the major furry sites since 2006. The culmination of all this has been Vendetta's first foray into print, a story for the erotic anthology 'Holidays' published by Furplanet in 2011.

Fun fact: The name 'Vendetta' comes from one of his favourite books 'Vendetta' by Peter David, a Star Trek TNG novel.
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Latest Journal posted 10 Sep 2013

So, if you fancy a chance to poke me in the chest for basically sucking at writing FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR AND CHANGE, I will be at Rainfurrest this month, the furry writing mecca.  I always love to meet my fans, and hey maybe I'll get something written on the plane.  If you're interested in saying hi, do please keep in touch via my Twitter account - .  Let me know via DM so I can keep track.  Poke me if you need me to add you so you can DM.  Poke me here if you run a protected account and can't inform me by any other means.  Looking forward to having a blast in Seattle!

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mmd123 1 week ago
Just popping on to say we all miss you bud! Excited and looking forward to the next chapter of bitn. I'm sure it will be worth the wait given your prior releases. Can't wait.
James Van Heart 1 month ago
I think we should just wait and see what Vendetta does personally I can't wait for bump in the night to get a baby born
fuzzywolf123 1 month ago
i dont think you are a liar at all. I just wanted to see if you were still alive, since i had been another month since your last post.
Vendetta 1 month ago
It's up to you whether or not you think I'm a liar.
Midnight Harvest 3 months ago
Do you have an idea when it will be done?
Vendetta 3 months ago
Who said I'm not going to be able to finish?
Somber 2 months ago
::Points at the last time it updated.:: That's not a good sign you are.
Vendetta 2 months ago
Have a little faith :)
Somber 3 months ago
If you're not going to be able to finish, will you let some one else do so?
Vendetta 4 months ago
Still trying, churning away. The next chapter will come out, so long as I still have breath in me.
Spooney 4 months ago
Thank you for pushing forward, Ven. I look forward to your writings, and I'm glad you've found time to continue.
fuzzywolf123 4 months ago
So is this foreshadowing for an event that will happen in the near or far future? Any estimates would be greatly appreciated so I know if I should continue to check your page everyday.
Doomage 3 months ago
Looking forward to it. Don't rush your self. :) Hope everything goes easy for you.
foxstar30 4 months ago
Hey Vendetta! Just wondering when we your fans will see another chapter or 2 of BITN. I really enjoyed the series and would love to read more.
Vendetta 5 months ago
Oh I know what's coming next in the next chapter of BITN... Just have to knuckle down and finish.
Spooney 5 months ago
Can't wait!