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About LucarioFan692

I really, REALLY like Lucario. I hope to make some good Lucario stories.

Hey there, my name is Cody but please note that my last name is not Sohma.

Despite my avatar, I'm just an average Lucario, nothing special really. I also like to classify myself as a Christian Fur, but please don't let that scare you away. I never force my beliefs on anyone, but should you ever want to talk religiously, I'll be here.

I love to talk to people! If you ever want to talk to me about pretty much anything just shoot me a PM or send me an email at!

I'm a proud enlisted Sailor in the United States Navy, currently stationed with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Okinawa, Japan. Yeah I'm in the Navy but I work with the Marines, it confuses the crap out of people.

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Latest Journal posted 05 Jan 2014

It has been over A WHOLE FRIKING YEAR since I've written for my Lucario series. Well now after seven months of training behind me, I've started working on the next chapter! Yeah baby, yeah! Dear Lord above it feels great to be working on it once again! The nice thing is I'll have weekends off while I'm in Okinawa too so hopefully I'll be able to continue more regularly.

Chapter 22 should be ready in a few days. Stay motivated! Oorah!

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Fanperson 1 year ago
Hey you got a new reader and I hope you have a really good time in the navy I'm also hoping to be enlisted in the marine force
LucarioFan692 1 year ago
Thanks a lot, and good for you! You know I've got one of two jobs in the Navy that works with the Marines.
Blackwervolk 1 year ago
Thank you for fav and vote!
Steven Dalma 1 year ago
Love ya bro! *hugs* ^-^
LucarioFan692 1 year ago
Love you too! *hugs*
Labatryth 1 year ago
Wow! Why hello! I never knew you were here! Guess the cat's out of the bag that I joined now... Hehe.
LucarioFan692 1 year ago
Yeah I've been here for a while. Nothing wrong with joining, glad you came!
Blackwervolk 1 year ago
Thank you for fav icon_redface.gif
LucarioFan692 1 year ago
But of course, it was much deserved.
Chris Mercury 1 year ago
Hab Vertrauen - alles wird gut... *hugs*
LucarioFan692 1 year ago
Vielen Dank, ich werde OK sein
502nickster 1 year ago
502nickster 1 year ago
LucarioFan692 1 year ago
Arada448 2 years ago
Happy Easter my friend, hope you have a good one
LucarioFan692 2 years ago
you as well! May Christ shine on you this day
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago
HAPPY EASTER MY FRIEND!!!!!! ^.^ here's hoping you have a good one! *holds up glass of ice water*
LucarioFan692 2 years ago
And a happy Easter to youu, too! *also raises glass*