About Rockford
I'm a male bald (furless) rat
Here I am, telling a few things about me:
species Bald rat
gender male
loves Fox, Paws, Rat likes Anal, Pseudo-Rape/NC, Vaginal tolerates Tentacles, boobs, piercing
17 submissions 1 roleplay characters 4,512 page views 105 comments received 198 comments posted 1,094 profile views
groups   Cub Porn and Incest, no d...
  Vulpine Vibes

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xHavick 2 months ago
thanks fav
SMWolf 3 months ago
Thanks for the Fave!
Rockford S 5 months ago
Nice username :P
Rockford 5 months ago
Oh, perhaps you wanted it, but I was first. Sorry :D
zhangmeerkat 7 months ago
Thanks for the favorite.
FrostWyrm102 1 year ago
Thank you for the fav!
GingerBear 2 years ago
Holy crap. Your banner moves. xD that. Is. EPIC.
Rockford 2 years ago
Yes! :B As I remember, SoFurry 1.0 does not accept .gif banners, but 2.0 does!
And that yellow thing is a diamond from Boulder Dash game...
patachu 2 years ago
you. you're seeking for trouble...
oh wow, really you're seeking for trouble.
Rockford 2 years ago
Oh sure, I remember putting it somewhere but not remember where...
carterdalmation 2 years ago
Thanks so much for da fav
makumomo 2 years ago
Thankees for the visit! *hug*
salmy 2 years ago
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Rockford 2 years ago
No problem, you... fluffy shoutbox cherrypicker! :D
(yeah you did this again ;) )