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I am a 5'7" fox and am 19 years of age. I have bright orange fur, but it has a small tint of reddish flare. My tummy is a rich white collor, and my paws fade to brown. My hair too is this same shade of dark brown as my paws, and is medium length. My bangs hang just above my eyes, giving me that cliche preppy look. I have dirty blonde highlights, primarily in my bangs. I have very bright emerald green eyes that glimmer in the sunlight. My tail is somewhat long, quite poofy and fades to a white tip. I have my tongue pierced and wear a small rainbow ball with a smiley face on it. I also sport a small silver ball in my right ear, though I'm considering getting a blue industrial piercing to replace it. Teeth are nice and white, canine teeth not very sharp, but can still do damage if needed. My fur is always well kept as well as all other aspects of my looks, because that's just how I am.

Personality wise, I'm am a very goofy person. I honestly don't care what a lot of people think of me. I will burst out singing in the mall if I hear a song that I like because I am just a random person to say the least. I often end up embarrassing my friends, which I find rather amusing how mad they get. I'm not obnoxious, I just like to play around is all. I guess you could call me a bit scatter-brained. I have so many sides, they don't have a name for the shape I form :P

Yes, if you didn't pick up on it already, I am gay. I hate when people say I'm a girl trapped in a guys body. That's not the case. I'm a guy, but I want another guy in my life. I don't think that I should be discriminated against for it, yet people in the world feel the need to do so. I'm pretty sure I'm human... well... fox.... but closed minded people just irritate me.

I am currently working on my first story ever! It's called "School Crush" and it's a story about a white huskies life as a gay teen in high school. You should read it, I think you may like it ;)

I love love love music! I can go from listening to heavy metal, like All that remains, to listening to some techno, like deadmau5! I love alternative rock, screamo, and dubstep as well. I would have to say my favorite band right now would be "Sleeping with Sirens" because they are awesome (and Kellin Quinn is sexy beyond imagination). I even do listen to some hip-hop, and country. Not frequently though. Give me some suggestions on some music to listen to and I'll check it out just for you! :P Just no country.... please :D

Anyways... That's me, just a young fox living his life, I hope you enjoy my stories, and don't be afraid to message me or anything like that. I honestly love talking and am a bit of an admitted textaholic... hehe. But message me on SF or add me on skype and we can chit chat. And maybe, just maybe, if you're lucky enough, we can text too! O_O lol *lowers sunglasses to the end of nose, and tilts head down to look over the rim* now lets party! <3 *pushes sunglasses back up and puts some techno on his headphone. Begins to wave arm to the awesome beats of Ghosts n' stuff, all the while bobbing head and pretending he's at a club*

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gender male from Lincoln Park, United States
loves 69, Alternative, Anal likes 70s, 80s, Anatomically Correct tolerates Albino, Anime, Cat hates Dragon, Snake, Whale
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Latest Journal posted 22 Dec 2013
Hey guys! I've recently started streaming on and would LOVE to have some more viewers. Currently I'm only streaming league of legends, but i want to expand my gamebase. I'll provide the link below! Come to watch the game and listen to my (what i think is) funny commentary! Follow me and watch whenever! <3 <3

Also, add me on LoL! r41nb0w4ss4ss1n

its 1337 :P

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*Meows* Hi, Foxie.
AVGTemplar 9 months ago
Hey man whats up! Im looking for friends!
kingredead 11 months ago
you ARE cute and i know what you mean bout wantin a man in your life
PoeticFox 11 months ago
hehe thank you :)
Damn, you're cute! And I like your personality too!
PoeticFox 11 months ago
hehe why thank you :)
You're cute yourself ;)
Crimson Blaze 1 year ago
PoeticFox 1 year ago
Hey! sorry i didn't respond last night... My entire dorm building lost internet...
Hans Underpaw 1 year ago
You want some band suggestions. I have two for you both completely different genres.

Family Force 5

and The Mountain Goats
Sean Owen Sinclair 1 year ago
Hey. Sorry to barge in but I used to see you around on Hockey Hunk in the past and I read some of your journals a while back. You ok :)?
PoeticFox 1 year ago
haha no worries at all! I've just been beyond busy with summer, getting ready for college, etc etc etc. :) But thanks for the friendly check up!
Sean Owen Sinclair 1 year ago
Heheh good to hear ^__^.
bhscorch1313 1 year ago
I thought your shout-box needed an update. So.... hello shout-box. Well, there you have it...
FurrFreak 2 years ago
Where are you? I want more stories/poems!!! JK, but seriously where are you?
tora gonzalez 2 years ago
hola ya me muero por saber que pasara con ellos dos, me mata la curiosidad y la espera, esta increible.
PoeticFox 2 years ago
grazi!! <3