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RAWR -Hugs everyone- Thank you for visiting my page on SF and since you did visit you get a prize! -hands you a cookie- murr please stay awhile and read some of my stories. -licks your cheek- :)

Ok murr my name is Josh but I like to be called Drake or Drakey by my mate. Murr i am 717 years old..-whispers: i know it may seem old but its not rawr- I love going to the beach and swimming MUR Oh and i love the night! Raise your paw or claw if anyone has ever camped at a beach? -raises claw and gives cookies to everyone who raised there paws or claws and hugs everyone who didn't- and i also like old 80's movies and music, murr my Favorite movie??? Wargames! Rawr and favorite song? -blushes- Time after time by Cyndi Lauper. Murr I am a excelent flyer and murr i love to make new friends! I have had some trouble in the past but I started over. I am going to be writing a lot and working on my drawings. Murr and roar roar roar roar making music. hmm am i forgetting anything? :} oh hehe my mate, he is a lucario prince his name is Frost or hehe Fosty murr he is my cute omega fuffy boy! <3 Murrr visit our kingdom anytime and murrr get a free invite to dinner...message me and roar get a free lick! Ok see you later bye! :)

species Dragon
gender male from Seymour
loves 3D, 69, 70s likes Alien, Anatomically Correct, Anthro
11 submissions 8,857 page views 52 comments received 29 comments posted 1,780 profile views
Latest Journal posted 08 Feb 2013

Hewwo My fellow furs! 

It has been a loooooonnnnnggggg time hasn't it? well okay something's that has happened lately:

my birthday! 

Taken up drawing again 

Got a job!


rraawwwrrrrr I will be making more stories soon. 

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TyVulpintaur 1 year ago
How's the writing going? PM me if you need help :3
Drake Silverscale 1 year ago
had to put it on hold for a bit
Lyle Tigris 2 years ago
Hey there Cutie Pie! ^_^
Drake Silverscale 2 years ago
Lyle Tigris 2 years ago
RAWR!! *glomps* Hi hunny ^_^
Lyle Tigris 2 years ago
RAWR!! *glomps* Hi hunny ^_^