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Here is my persona looks thanks to the very talented, Tonie (Look for her on my watchlist. Go watch her NOW!).

If you want to know more about me then go ahead and shoot me a PM! Just don't actually shoot me though. D:
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Latest Journal posted 11 Nov 2013

So yeah. Not much here. Haha.

I guess i'll be heading off to my parent's for a day for a BBQ since it's not only my birthday either. It's also my Father's. Sometimes I wonder what was going through his head when he found out I was being born on his birthday. Haha! He probably thought it was the best birthday gift ever. Or the worst. Depends on how he looks at it.

Well anyways I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and cheers to the rest of our lives!


Safiir Riskovat 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch! X3
Johnnaman 3 weeks ago
No problem. I should've done it sooner. ^_^
BlackwingDragon 4 weeks ago
Tick tock.
I've a clock.
Johnnaman 4 weeks ago
Are you a white rabbit?
BlackwingDragon 4 weeks ago
FFFFF, I actually am.
God damned Chinese Zodiac ! *shakes fist*.
Serban 1 month ago
Your beenus is inspiring.

A true masterpeice of the modern age.
Johnnaman 1 month ago
Oh. Ah...you saw that huh? ^_^;;
Serban 1 month ago
Everyone did.

Some took photos.

Daniel Harkness 1 month ago
Johnnaman 1 month ago
Highbreedhunter came to mind.
Daniel Harkness 1 month ago
thanks for the watch, but you may see teh gayz
Johnnaman 1 month ago
If i cared enough about that I wouldn't be on this site right now. ^_^ I'm pretty numb to it by now anyways.
Daniel Harkness 1 month ago
just giving fair warning XD
Gryph0n 1 month ago
Greetings, human!
Johnnaman 1 month ago
Hello there. Are you new here?
Gryph0n 1 month ago
Indeed I am! Trying to forge relationships with all the nice people on the site.
Johnnaman 1 month ago
Then welcome! If you have any questions that need answers about the site, just ask me or my fellow ambassadors.
Gryph0n 1 month ago
Thanks! Will do.
Daniel Harkness 2 months ago
i have a problem :V
Johnnaman 2 months ago
*Le Gasp* What is said problem?
Daniel Harkness 2 months ago
I have no pizzas. Sadness abounds.
Johnnaman 2 months ago
The horrible truth is that I actually just ate Pizza. D:
Daniel Harkness 2 months ago
lol nice
Johnnaman 2 months ago
Deep Dish and Thin Crust are awesome.
So what brings the Global Forum Admin to this puny little user's profile? :P
Daniel Harkness 2 months ago
Johnnaman 2 months ago
You should like, go ban someone for fun.
But on a serious note, I have now noticed that sometimes when you hit reply on a shout, it takes you to the home page.
Daniel Harkness 2 months ago
ugh, i knoooow. i dunno why
Johnnaman 2 months ago
And now i'm full of instant ramen.
ProfessorPasserine 2 months ago
*Watches you back* OvO
Wolffromtheshadows 2 months ago
John elsword works. It's just slow and kinda laggy.
Johnnaman 2 months ago
Ah. Okay then.
Xzepher Shadowkick8 2 months ago