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~ SIAN ~¨*•.¸

Female | 26 | Single- Not Looking | Panther-Dragon | Feral-Form Otherkin | Writer
Sexually LESBIAN | Bi-Affectionate | Crazy-Fluff-Butt Extraordinaire


¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)


I'm every bit a typical Aries girl, stubborn & fiery to the core!


I'm currently doing my Diploma in Professional Editing, Proofreading & Publishing
so I'm not always able to be online, I put my personal & family life before any commission
& internet stuff so if I don't reply right away please be patient I will get back to you as
soon as possible.

~*[ Commissions: CURRENTLY CLOSED | Editing: OPEN | Trades: CURRENTLY CLOSED | Collabs: CURRENTLY CLOSED | Requests: NEVER ]*~


~^ [Working Hours: SUN | MON | TUE | WED | THUR |FRI |SAT | 10am- 3pm AUEST] ^~




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"Do not meddle in the affairs of a dragon, for you are crunchy & taste good with ketchup!"

~NOTE: Sian is also a character within a novel I am currently writing all rights to this character belong to me any use of her without given permission will result in trouble! [copyrighted as a part of the Tineifrinn Tales Characters]~

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species Jungle Panther/Hellfire Dragon Hybrid
gender female from Australia
loves 80s, Adventure, Anthro likes Angry Beavers, Cuddling, Digital Media tolerates Vore (soft) hates Cheating, Fighting, Torture (moderate)
58 submissions 24,004 page views 124 comments received 60 comments posted 2,679 profile views
groups   Sci-Fa Furries
  Ferals Only!
  Panther Pride

Latest Journal posted 05 Jun 2013

Hey Everyfur,

My commissions have now closed! Will open again later in the month so keep your eyes peeled for another journal on them! Also just some basic updates; I'm not sure how many of you have been reading up on my stuff...anyways...

I no longer take story requests of any kind, I know it really sucks for you guys (and girls) but in all honesty they were taking up way too much of my time between study and work, and other than the fact they also do not help pay the bills I was growing tired of people expecting me to write some 4,000 + words out of a single sentence on what they wanted and then nag when it took a while for their stories to come about-we may be writers but even we cannot make something from nothing-I ended up ditching the last of my requests because of this (and personal health reasons).

I'm not doing as much traditional art as I used to either, I am trying to concentrate on my writing; getting commissions in, putting stories out to further myself I just need to work on...

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carlos_penguin 1 year ago
Just saw your post at FA and connected the dots. Insta-watch! icon_biggrin.gif
SianBlackPeril 1 year ago
Thanks Carlos :3
carlos_penguin 1 year ago
You're welcome! Thanks for the watchback icon_biggrin.gif
Spliced 1 year ago
psssssssssssssssssssstttttttt ouo
SianBlackPeril 1 year ago
=OwO= Ohai thar!
MechaChick 1 year ago
You're more than welcome :)
Boltpup 1 year ago
Aww D: I'm sure you will get it soon. :) and I'm good, busy with my classes and all, but good. ^^
Boltpup 2 years ago
^^ How're you on this lovely day? :3
SianBlackPeril 2 years ago
I'm well thanks, trying to get a few chapters of stories to get out on my head so I can put them up but...they ellude me still :/
How about you??
Boltpup 2 years ago
Thank you for the friend request. :)
SianBlackPeril 2 years ago
You're most welcome :3
Tirien66 2 years ago
Thanks, came in from FA, still trying to get used to the setup of the site.
SianBlackPeril 2 years ago
Heh yeah it does take a bit of getting used to, they've done a huge change-up since last I was able to get on.
Boltpup 2 years ago
You're welcome :)!
Boltpup 2 years ago
Hey, your fursona is awesome. Also. Whoo Queensland is awesome ^^
SianBlackPeril 2 years ago
@.@' I always forget to look down at these, thank you! I do tend to swap between the 2 fursona's I have Kam & Sian =^w^=
Boltpup 2 years ago
Hehe I do that too and nice. ;3 ^^!
Pannonfur 2 years ago
Thank You for faving our story!
There is anoter part of it titled "Up on the Moon".