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Latest Journal posted 17 Aug 2012

I have had tickets since January, but my friends were not able to get any. As such, I wasn't sure I would be going. But my partner wants to go anyway, so we're scrambling to get things together.

It would be cool to meet up with some furs on the Playa. I know there must be a fur district, or something. Any info would be much appreciated!

See you there!



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Orkinman911 5 days ago
thanks for watching
Rukj_Ookami 4 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch, the fave and the vote! And also for the useful comments ^^
Rukj_Ookami 4 weeks ago
I just found out you're the author of "Deeper and Deeper"! I met that story once while I was wandering over here in my first months as a furry and I really loved it, but I forgot the name and I was trying to find it for a long time. So, I'm also glad to see you were the author and that I finally got to read it again ^^

Thanks for your comments! I always appreciate a lot other's opinion about what I write and I'm really glad to know tou liked it!
TheGoldenUnicorn 4 weeks ago

I'm surprised anyone read it, let alone liked it! I am so grateful. Thank you!

And yes, I like your stuff a lot. I look forward to more!

ZorroRE 3 months ago
Hey Thanks a lot for the Watch!. and for that amazing comment
DarkSoulsSauron 4 months ago
a general thanks for your comments and views. it's gratifying that people are reading my things.
TheGoldenUnicorn 4 months ago
My pleasure, sir!

DarkSoulsSauron 5 months ago
thanks for the watch. i hope my stories please
Tempo 7 months ago
New Adept Paws story! http://www.sofurry.com/view/580193 ; )
drakar2835 10 months ago
BTW being a TGU could you tell the other GU that I still get multiple posting of the same post on this page "https://www.sofurry.com/user/notification/list&quot;. I've already send a couple time a problem report about this. So you might have a better luck telling then that is still not fix. Also I still getting this screen "https://www.sofurry.com/user/notification/list&quot; instead of the popup, when I hit the help/problem/suggestions at the bottom here.
Have a nice evening :-)
TheGoldenUnicorn 10 months ago
Unfortunately, the links you provided don't link to your page - they link to mine, since they are the general notification list links. I understand the problem you are having with multiple posting...but I don't know what screen you are getting instead of the user/help popup.

Even so, I will be happy to contact tech support for you. As a SoFurry Ambassador, that's what I'm here for. And I'll stay with the problem until we find a resolution.

You also have a nice evening.

drakar2835 10 months ago
O, it's multiple posting of the same message in the message-all notification page and I did send them a message about that but it's been a long time ago and the problem still there. It's not a big deal but I just was wondering if were actively trying to solve the problem and or know if I'm the only one having it? The other one which I did also report and it's still not working right is the one about the problems pop up that should appear when you click on the problem tab at the bottom of every screen. It's that in some of my screen instead of having a pop up appearing I get the report page, as that is somewhat useless because there is no place to write up a problem report in that screen. Also not a big deal but still been going on for a long time. ;-)
TheGoldenUnicorn 10 months ago
They will get back to me - the problem has been assigned to one of the mods.

What system and browser are you using, BTW? That will help in the troubleshooting.

drakar2835 10 months ago
Well my system is quite unusual actually. It's windows 2012 server with two six core zeon mother board. 64 bit and I always use waterfox (a 64 bit version of firefox)
TheGoldenUnicorn 10 months ago
I will send that on. That must be a screaming fast machine!

drakar2835 10 months ago
I think it should be more then fast enough to run this website. :-)
TheGoldenUnicorn 10 months ago
I sent a notice to the mods...I will let you know what they have to say!

drakar2835 10 months ago
He tanks icon_biggrin.gif
MrFox 11 months ago
Thank you for the watch, and I am glad you are enjoying the stories so far.