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Latest Journal posted 19 May 2012

This is a piece of opinon for me:

Sofurry is like South Korea because of very democratic and peaceful in nature and I feel free if I'm in this site even if I'm not furry, I don't know if SoFurry can submit any non-furry stuff in it. I'm so glad that the Great Boss (to Toumal) is very kind towards others including non-furries and he hates when somebody threatens his site as same as South Korean president does. Toumal for me is like Lee Myung Bak.

But Furaffinity is like North Korea because of communist and very ridiculous in nature, even non-furries doesn't allow there, if someone who's post any non-furry content has a warning that North Korea does. Any non-furries must post furry at all times as people in North Korea must worship their mother****** Dear Leader. Dragoneer for me is like Kim Jong-Un.

Both of them doesn't want to be trolled. I'm on SoFurry side (Non furry-friendly side)

Glad you like it.


Penelope Ravenheart 1 year ago
Thank you so much for the fave! :)
Lokan 1 year ago
Thank you for watching me.
KageOkami 1 year ago
Since your art is on "hold"

Ehe, i got it that much tho, but why did you get banned from FA?
Just asking.
Ma An Tiao 1 year ago
maybe, but I didn't noticed that my art is considered hate art even if it's outside sofurry.com
Xzepher Shadowkick8 1 year ago
Hello! I'm just going around saying hi and thank you to all the ambassadors. It's great that we do have non-furs on here too! It just make this place a lot better than other places.
KiDra 1 year ago
체류를 즐길 수

(I do not speak korean, I only tried to find proper phrases to leave a formal greeting and "enjoy your stay". I hope this is right ;))
Ma An Tiao 1 year ago
괜찮아 (it's okay, me too I don't speak korean either but very little) 僕がフィリン人です。
DrReverb 8 months ago
adders 1 year ago
heh, that's just how it ended up being drawn! My hair wouldn't come close to that in person unless I meddled with some gel!
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! What submission of mine got you watching?
Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one, and thanks for the watch
BJStarphoenix 2 years ago
thank you for the watch good sir.
Gold Horn 2 years ago
i love your avatars,haha *ouch,my stomach still hurt.