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About laserslutboy
i am a femboy and i like many things

species kitty-bear, whisper friendly
gender male from california
loves 69, 420, Anal likes Bad Language, Deep Penetration, House
21 submissions 8,049 page views 133 comments received 1,200 comments posted 7,487 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 12 Jan 2014

Do any of you like to play naughty sexual games with each other?

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Blake_Foxx 3 hours ago
Thank you for the watch =D
pittbull paw 6 hours ago
Thanks for the watch!
DamianGray 7 hours ago
Thanks for the watch, cutie.
OverGrownBabyFur 19 hours ago
Thanks for the watch!!
Eclypse Kitty 2 days ago
^w^ hello. I hope you continue to enjoy my work.
JCFox 2 days ago
Thank you very much for the Watch!^^
*kisses* <3
Tiger37 2 days ago
Thanks for the watch!!!!
SlyLemur 2 days ago
I'm certainly glad you do! I'm sorry I don't produce nearly enough of it.
MaxYiffster 3 days ago
Just wondering, when ever I see your name I just imagine a cub wearing nothing but a laser tag pack.
laserslutboy 3 days ago
haha nope, im not a cub, im an adult femboy ;3
Aki Wink 3 days ago
Oh my thank you for the watch!
laserslutboy 3 days ago
watching fellow femboys <3
Aki Wink 3 days ago
Hehe that is avgood idea~