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Welcome to the So Furry gallery of Calamity Aert Productions, have a look around, make yourself at home, commission spots are sometimes available and notices will be posted when this happens. ( WARNING! Contains adult content! )

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Notice to viewers,( Terms of viewership rules.)

This gallery contains material that is adult in nature and anyone viewing this page do so at their own risk and are not to hold Calamity Aert Productions or Fur Affinity responsible for any negative reactions they may experience from such material. Comments that are posted for the purpose of trolling etc. will be removed without reply and offenders may be blocked, repeat offenders will be reported to site admins. . . not interested in drama please!
* I wish I could respond with a thank you to every favorite that I get but I simply can't due to time limitations online, thanks to all of you who do favorite any of my stuff, I appreciate it! *

*COMMISSIONS* ( closed at this time )
At this time I am only going to consider pencil commissions and my rates are currently the same as before, persons interested can send a PM to inquire about availability, payments, etc.  Comic format will still be the same cost as before, ( the current maximum number of pages for projects at this time is 12. )

** Twitter account, ( where you can keep up to date on the progress of current projects )  -

Current commission status - Closed

** Current Project - Water Pk.

species Gnollish Artist
gender male
157 submissions 156,090 page views 636 comments received 277 comments posted 17,916 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness

Latest Journal posted 30 Jan 2014

In the past week I had someone tell me that the Savannah Spots comic was not showing in order and that the first page was missing.  I checked it out and found that the first page was still there however even though I have since placed Sav. Spots into it's own folder the pages do not display in order. Whenever you click on the HD version from Page 1 and then go to the next pages icons it isn't loading in order.  Instead the site is loading the comic with other artwork from other folders showing up in between some pages. Whats happening is that the comic is loading in the original order that I posted them since starting my account. ( before I put them in folders.)   I know of no way to fix this problem so unless there's a re arrange tool that I'm not currently aware of then its stuck that way. 

From now on I'll be uploading all new artwork to the correct folders.   ( continuing to re arrange all the works on my userpage until everything is where it should be. 

Thanks for your interest in ...

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manukimi95 1 month ago
Hiii :-) Your Welcome ;-)
Lupine Assassin 1 month ago
Happy birthday!
C_A_Prod 1 month ago
Thanks, another trip around the sun successfully completed.
Lupenn Grimpaw 2 months ago
Pardon, but your comic's out of order and I can't find page 1
C_A_Prod 2 months ago
Thats odd, I just checked my gallery and its still showing up there.
Lupine Assassin 3 months ago
I added your Twitter. :)
Divinedragon 1 year ago
wonderful work
C_A_Prod 1 year ago
Thanks, I try to do the best I can, its good to hear that you enjoy my stuff!
Tidus_Duke 1 year ago
my pleasure! love your work. makes me drool hehe
Taiko 1 year ago
Sawubona. Sorry for taking so long to find this profile; things have been busy in real life.
speedlover 1 year ago
huskydingo 2 years ago
yw I love your work
Browser1 2 years ago
Your arts very well drawn Im impressed :)
C_A_Prod 2 years ago
Thank you, glad you like... I still have a long way to go before I get to where I want but its always nice to get compliments while on the journey.