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(Please note, that avatar is not mine, it's a place holder till I get one of my own. Still gives you an idea of his figure and clothing though. :3)


Name: Brandi Cole McBride

Species: Bunny! Of the gothic kind. 

Gender: Male

Preference: Guys, and guys only. Will be friends with girls, but it stays at that. Transgenders are an exception! 

Age: 19

Height: 5'2"

Weight: About 110,  it fluctuates from day to day




Main color: A dark, almost black, purple

Belly, upper thighs: Light gray, almost a white-ish

Eartips, tail: Stark white

Body type/figure: Refer to pic (avatar, not one up top), just no tits.


Silver/platinum blonde. Teal, blue and pink tips. (Tip colorings received from Louisa.) 

===Fur Markings===

Arms, legs and face: Deep fire red streaks. (received from Kasey) 

Lower back: Pink butterfly, wings span whole back, lots of detail (received from Shira)

Left shoulder blade: Small, two inch solid red heart (In memory of the loss of his youngest sister)

Lower arms: Pure white eastern dragons, line art (Received from Riley) 


Left palm, near thumb: A faint, two inch white scar cutting diagonally across his palm


Ice blue, red flecks. (Main color from Keenai, flecks from Kasey.) 


Please note, this is not my art.

That's not him, it's just the outfit... Imagine the pic above with a flat chest and his fur.

Summer clothing: Black thong, black mid thigh level skirt, blue sports bra as a top. Same collar as in pic.

Formal: Pure black, mid shin length dress, slit in each side to knee; same collar as avatar; black heels with red accenting along the straps and sides, 4" heels.


OR: Black miniskirt with neon green trim, pink top with neon green trim, collar in avatar



 The strength to save the innocent (Shira) 

 The will to survive even when all hope is lost 

 The fire of a thousand suns

 The wisdom to stop even the smartest of foes


 More laid back then most, he tries to stay out of crowds and most arguments, when angered enough though, he loses almost all control. Is known for being very emotional at times


 Politics, fishing, biking, knives, guns, cooking, martial arts, SHOPPING <3


 Homophobes/homohaters, pointless arguments, terrorism, having to be "accepted" by society

Favorite Band: Hammerfall

Personal saying: "Life bites, I bite harder."

Note: Has a girlish voice, ALMOST identical to the voice of a female. 



 (still in the works!)

Having been born into what he thought was a homophobic family, his early life was... Interesting to say the least. At the age of seven, his father died of an industrial accident, being crushed by a forklift he was working on to be exact. The death was a crushing blow to him, and sent the poor young bunny into a spiral of depression, chaos, and sorrow. Within weeks, he was taken away from his mother by the government (His great grandmother had framed his mother in abuse, and reported it), which was yet another crushing blow. After a year of both him and his mother fighting the government in the courts, he finally was reunited with his mother... And her alcoholic fiancé. After suffering several beatings (Not many, think three or four total) over three years, his mother broke up with her fiancé. 

After several fiancé's and a husband, his mother was lost in a world of her own as she fell in love with her newest boyfriend, a multi billionaire, that well, wasn't really a billionaire. On his own, at the age of fifteen, he struggled with many things, including his own sexuality. 

Soon after their homophobic roommate was evicted, he came out to his mother, which had gone much better than expected. But he didn't tell her about his cross dressing. That came out six months later, for better or for worse. Being fully accepted, the teenage bunny was for once happy. 

At the age of sixteen he was drawn into the LYOKO warriors by Yuki The White, quickly becoming her second in command. After losing four friends and countless innocent lives, including that of his youngest sister, the young bunny and his sister were left scarred and hopeless. Now 19, he has many more struggles to face, not only for his life, but the survival of all life as we know it. 

species Bunny, of the gothic kind!
gender male from Richland, USA
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Well, school's almost out, yet I have finals on the last day... :| I'm supposed to go shopping with a friend on Monday, but apparently she's leaving town and won't be back till the 21st.

hmmmm... OH! I got two new skirts, yay. Can't think of much else other than my recent addiction to Hammerfall. <3

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