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About Lokor and Kire Kitsune

Commissions in progress:

This list comprises current commissions that we have open with or clients. If you're looking to find out what stage a piece is in, come here first. Expected dates may shift by one to two days depending on the type of work and unexpected factors. Thank you.

Allen Grant:

Payment: awaiting payment as per agreement

Status: Second piece done, third in progress

Expected date: April 15th


Payment:Undecided at the moment

Status: Preparing for rough draft

Expected date: Starting April 10th

If your name is not on this list or the information is incorrect, please contact us immediately to rectify it. Thank you. For bio info, look below. Our commission info is in the market.

Finally going to complete this bio. It's me, Lokor. I'm writer (obviously) and colorist. Kire works with me on most of our work. We're young but we work hard on every project we undertake. Our number one priority on commission work is satisfaction. We work closely with our clients and friends to make sure they get what THEY want out of our work. Have a question? Want to chat? Want to drop a comment? Go ahead. We're on every day and if we aren't then we pick it up the next day. Feedback is critical for us to make sure that everyone walks away happy. As for us? We're laid back, fun loving furs with a passion for our work. I personally love to skateboard in my free time. My hobbies are varied and I'm always open to talk to anyone with a word to say. If you want to talk to us about business, or anything else for that matter, you need just throw us a comment. We are happily mated and are currently engaged. I myself am a 6'1 maroon and off-white colored fox with black splashes on parts of my body. My beautiful Mate, Kire is a brown and orange fox with a cute diamond pattern on his hip and bicep. Just a good laugh and good company is all we ask from life. Not much else to say in a summary. Hope to hear from all of you, thanks for taking the time to read this.

-Lokor and Kire Kitsune.

species Both Foxes
gender male from Somewhere in ohio., United states
loves Canine, Classic Contemporary, Cuddling likes Various Species, great dane, tabby tolerates Machine, Non-anthro, Reptile
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Latest Journal posted 27 Mar 2014

We've been a bit scarce lately on updating the General Populace. Sorry about that one. ^-^ We've been doing a lot of commission work and wanted to wait until the influx slowed a bit before posting anything new. We have about half a dozen pieces that will be posted soon enough. By the end of the month, they should all be up. A huge thanks goes out to both Allen Grant and Grathra Nosra for their unending patience. With the hard times we've had lately, they've stuck through it with us and were rewarded with their pieces. (A bit late but they got their) Another thanks goes out to Mercurywolf who is still working very closely with us on his story. Thank you all.


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All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put my broken ass back together again. Ow. *rubs my ass*
Elezarus 5 months ago
Thank you for all the favs and watches ^^ they really truly mean a lot to me! If you're at FurFright this weekend please say hi!
Lokor and Kire Kitsune 5 months ago
I really wish we could be but perhaps another con soon enough. :) Always good to meet a friend.
Wounded Knee 5 months ago
Hey, mind watching me?
Vulpes Sancti 6 months ago
Thanks for the vote and fave!
Lokor and Kire Kitsune 6 months ago
No problem.
I'm just smart as a whip today. Crackin' smartass comments all over. Wich is to say I'm an ass. well, i'm a fox, not n ass, but I have a few friends who are asses. the donkey kind and the posterior kind.
I feel oddly social today. Everyone! I'M GAY!!...Huh, how very status quo of me. A gay fur-what an effin' concept. That's l;ike saying water tends to be wet.
ChillFireWolf 1 year ago
Wait so if its two of you in one account, is it two guys? Two girls, one guy one girl? Hahaha
Hah don't worry. We're both males, mated and engaged.
ChillFireWolf 1 year ago
Cool cool! I have never seen two users under one account, so now I have. (:
llouw1 1 year ago
I have been very busy lately so I couldn't get back on. But I'm back now
Pulsifer 2 years ago
I've been alright. Been stressin' over finals but they are finally done now XD Thank doG.

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