About WolfCarlsson
My name is Wolf Carlsson. I'm an artist who draws mostly lombaxes but I can draw wolves, dragons (just started) mostly everything.

I'm person who cares for one and another. If you or anyone ele you know needs help, I'll be there.

Hmm what more do u wanna know from me?
Ask me!
species Wolf
gender male from Sweden
loves Anthro, Canine, Illustrated likes Fanart, Feline, Female tolerates Milk
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Wounded Knee 7 months ago
Do you take requests?
Blackwervolk 1 year ago
Awwwww, your art awesome icon_redface.gif
master1988 1 year ago
Kul. ATT du är svensk. Ingen orsak.
Alestreme 1 year ago
Gah, faves D;
I sorreh
Alestreme 1 year ago
Oops, I meant raves not raves
This iPad is notorious for misplaced words....
Alestreme 1 year ago
Hi, I'm just a new fur here getting stuff into my raves and watch list xD
And you seemed really friendly so I thought I'd say hi :3
Z Dragon 2 years ago
Must save shout box before its to late