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About TheBlackParrot
I produce house music, primarily.
Just trying to expand where I upload stuff, I'm more active on FA.
species Wolf
gender male from USA
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Identity EP
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Latest Journal posted 13 Jul 2013

read that ^

i announced on only one site that i put put an end to the stuff series. it was for personal reasons and that i felt like if i didn't finish up a song every month i'd let you guys down.
i figured this would be a better route instead of just an announcement: going back and remastering old things and remixing a few of them.

it'll be available for free starting september 27th, but you can pre-order it if you really want to. you get the first two now if you do.


AurumLutra 10 months ago
You are the first featured musician on The Furry Fix! The Furry Fix, Episode 1: June 2, 2013 The Furry Fix, Episode 1: June 2, 2013
ImperialTiger 1 year ago
Definitely going to be watching you here and Furraffinity!!
TykkoKerensky 1 year ago
hiii!!! i like u songs ^^
TheBlackParrot 1 year ago
thanks :P
TykkoKerensky 1 year ago
xD creo que ya soy tu fan, me gustan mucho tus canciones =3
JarkoreFireStarter 1 year ago
Hey man your music is amazing. I am officially a fan now.
firefly93 1 year ago
Hi my name is Shadow Fang and I like your songs.
Tiger37 1 year ago
HI name is Spirit Claw and I like your songs.
TheBlackParrot 1 year ago
Fizzy 1 year ago
nice music dude! ^~^! helps me think :) love the profile picture also! very cool. ima watch you! *stares at you intensly*
Nickster 1 year ago
I noticed a comment of yours on a story and I had to say this.
I love your avatar. <3
TheBlackParrot 1 year ago
lol thanks c:
and what story? .-.
Nickster 1 year ago
I don't remember. It was a short story, and when I got the comment section, I noticed your avatar.
FrannehTheVixen 1 year ago
FrannehTheVixen 1 year ago
Epic musics dood i love your stuff! your music is a top gold five on my music standards and my top plays on my furry list on my i pod and i touch ^^
TheBlackParrot 1 year ago
thanks :D