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Latest Journal posted 18 Jan 2014

My 'old' email account on is going away in February- send me a note if you want my new one.

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Ming-Ming 5 months ago
Hey Thunder! Haven't seen or heard much from you, what you been doing?
Ming-Ming 9 months ago
Oh neat! Thunder, you've updated another chapter! Yay! That's wonderful! I'm very glad you're still writing and sharing! *hugs* Thank you and I hope to see more soon! :-)
Liyoht 10 months ago
You need a more recent journal :>
Liyoht 10 months ago
Thank you for a new Thunder Spirit story I have so missed those.
Liyoht 1 year ago
nuzzles :)
colormegone_2013 1 year ago
Thanks for the Zephyr photo, I took the liberty of saving a copy to me and placed it as part of my screen saver list of great photos.

A lovely place to reside of liking horses and able to appreciate history!
Liyoht 1 year ago
Ming-Ming 1 year ago
Hi Thunder, just peeking in and seeing how things are coming along. Glad to see you posted Cowed, that's a fun one! Hope to see more from the unicorn stories soon!
colormegone_2013 1 year ago
You write so well and put your heart into it, I appreciate your talents.
Liyoht 1 year ago
Finally I have found you Thunder!