About Mickey Torrento

Name - Hunter
Specie - Big Wolf Hybrid
Height - 2.51m
Age - 18
Eyes - Dark-Blue
Musculature - Muscular and taller than usual furs.
Top/Bottom/Versa? - Versatile
Overall Appearance & Prefered Clothes - Fluffy fur and a huge tail. Light brown (almost cream color) going from inner sides of logs to the tummy, chest and lower jaw. Rest is dark brown. Long spiky headfur. Usually wears loose black jeans with zippers and tight T-Shirts that underline musculature.
Addicted To - Chatting and Adrenaline
Personality - The every-day mood is quite funny and friendly. Sometimes likes to have things under control. When angered the mood changes completely into likes of a feral beast.

((Note that this applies to proper RP. Not chat RP.))


Facts About Real Me:

- I do not have a Facebook account (seriously).
- I'll rarely start a pm/whisper conversation.
- Innuendo is my second name.
- I am not into either casual or permanent relationships.
- I don't think I'm into requests because all my inspiration comes from totally random stuff. ('The Aftermath: Fight For This Love' came up to my mind while I was looking at my wallet and 'Earth's Children' came up to my mind while I cuddled a pillow.)
- I don't do commissions because of two reasons:
1. My vocabulary is basically crap.
2. I have concentration issues... Ooooh, birdie!
- I listen mostly to any genre of music. 
- I have a weak spot for furs with green eyes... My own are brown and I really wish they were emerald green.
- I have crazy sense of humor and variety of strange kinks so don't think I'm too normal. X3

species Big Wolf Hybrid
gender male
loves Action, Adult, Adventure likes 69, Albino, Anatomically Correct tolerates Alien, Amphibian, Anal vore hates breastfeeding
33 submissions 2 roleplay characters 36,517 page views 748 comments received 648 comments posted 5,497 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Tentacles on Males
  Male Cubs

Latest Journal posted 21 Jun 2013

So... yesterday I accidentally found entire thread on a random forum about a guy that has 'problem' with his dog's penis. 


"when my dog gets told off 2 massive lumps appear at each side of his penis around the middle area, they go to the size of his balls but they are not his balls, when he calms down they seem to deflat and goes away?
anyone no what this is? i cant afford to go to vets if its nothing to worry about and is normal.
also he wets himself when he is told off so i dont no if its to do with that or not? he is a 7mth old pup.

anyadvice thanks"

99% of us (or more) here know exactly what the 'lumps' are so reading people worry about this type of thing makes me question humanity. Yes... not everyone knows what bulbus glandis (aka knot) is but c'mon... how hard is it to google up the images of normal dog penis? Like... do these muscle-builders prov...

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Liki Wolfspirit 10 months ago
Welcome back Mickey ^^
Mickey Torrento 10 months ago
Thankies. :3
Good to see someone is still remembering about me. X3
I'm re-reading the stories right now to make sure I don't make lore mistakes when writing next chapters.
Dcmsmax 1 year ago
Hey there ^.^ Been reading your Night of the Brothers story series! Really enjoying everything you put into it. Hope you continue it one day 8D
Mickey Torrento 10 months ago
Thankies. I just decided to give it a TRY to continue stories again.
darkgoose 1 year ago
thanks very much for the watch :3

*lick lick*
Mickey Torrento 1 year ago
My pleasure. You draw awesome eyes. *Licks nose.*
northern_fox 1 year ago
*huggles and kisses you*
Mickey Torrento 1 year ago
Hi. :P
JayDoggCollie 2 years ago
5 stars! Thanks alot! oh n nice profile pic too ^.^
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago
Yaaay! 15k views.
Seriously... you all got me addicted to writing.
Vykk 2 years ago
Thank you so much for the watch, I really appreciate it and I am very glad you're enjoying the story. I hope to have the next part up soon so keep you're eyes open! =^_^=
Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
Thank you for the fav.
Kyuuketsukii 2 years ago
Thanks for the vote :)

Mickey Torrento 2 years ago
No problem. You've got talent and if you practice a bit more I bet you'll be like one of those famous artists. ^,^
Kyuuketsukii 2 years ago
Aw, thanks :)