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About Delirious Dandy
New to this site. I'm not really a furry or anthro artist, so bare with me!

I typically draw top hatted characters, but I also have a nack for drawing Englishmen with muttonchops, and Frenchmen with extremely curly hair.
I am interested in the occult and the macabre, and I want to be an undertaker (if I don't manage to get a career as an artist or historian or whatever else). On a grim note, I am fascinated by death, know quite a bit about serial killers, and I adore instruments used in capital punishment, my two favorites being the guillotine and the traditional noose with scaffold.
However, I don't let those ghastly details mask who I really am--I'm just your typical kid (with the humor of a mortician) who likes to doodle and have fun. I love history (gruesome or not), literature, music, and art.
For music, I have a very open ear. I very much dislike modern pop and hip hop, but I tolerate it. The only two genres I greatly dislike are reggae and (some) country; I dig Balkan, surf, techno, rock, metal, house.. you name it. I love accordions and pipe organs..
I also love all kinds of art styles.

loves Adventure, Animated, Anubis likes Abduction, Alternate Society, Armageddon tolerates Action, Adolescent, Adult hates Athlete, Athletics, Cunt Boy
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Vonder 2 years ago
thank you for the watch darling~