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About Maleon

So, a short bit of info on the "real" me:

Eighteen years old... 5'7", 135 lbs.... inherently introverted, but trying to be social... more scientific than artistic, but enjoys both.... loves video games, reading (especially fanfiction), cooking, gardening, jogging, intelligence, contortionism (my unlikely to be realized wish is to pop a balloon between my back and thighs someday, like Zlata the "Rubber Girl") and fashion (both normal outfit coordinating and the actual design and creation of garments). Hates animal abuse, stupidity/ignorance, and homework. Ironically, I love genuine fur clothing, XD.

I want to enter the medical field, despite my greater love of fashion, due to the difference in average salaries. I don't really want to be a doctor for the money involved, but I also don't think I could live on the $30k per year common in the apparel industry, and when your second job option has about $70k more than your first, the choice is obvious.

*Be sure to check out my first journal for my Character Bio!

species Demon/Infernal God
gender male from United States of America - Missouri
loves 69, Anal, Anatomically Correct likes Albino, Aqua Sex, Bad Language tolerates Alien, Anaconda, Androgynous hates Boar, Chubby, Facesitting
16 submissions 9,903 page views 12 comments received 32 comments posted 2,689 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 08 Nov 2011

•Gender: Male, but acts as whatever is most useful or disturbing.

•Age: 3750   •Appearance: vulpine, with fur that is shades of purple, and blood red psychic foci gems on its temples. Has a vaguely hand-like tail with a mouth hidden in the depth of its prehensile tips. Has scarlet eyes with black sclera, eyes glow totally crimson when powerful metaphysical energy is used. (6'00" nose to tail tip, 3'00" at shoulder)   •Race: Demon/Infernal Spirit   •Transformation: capable of assuming the form of any being it has devoured.   •Clothing: lavender ribbons dangling from the foci gems, a Victorian ruff as a collar, and manacles with chains around it's paws.   •Magic User: yes   •Boosts to Magic: the foci gems contain the souls of all the beings it has devoured, allowing it unparalleled use of spirit magic. It can also channel types of magic through particular souls that held an affinity for that magic in life. As a purely metaphysical being, it is capable of using magical energies with ...


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