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About KatieKuguar
First off I am the creator of the species "Kuguar" If you see any one else using them they are stealing them!!! Please tell me! Thanks ^^

Also I'm mainly on DeviantArt, so if you really like my work watch me on there ^^

I'm a proud Christian, I love God and I'm not scared to say it! Sure I stumble and fall, but I know God still loves me, so I do the best I can :] He's the one that blessed me with this wonderful talent, so I intend to give him thanks for it.

I am a self taught artiest, I did take some art classes when I was like 9, but that was just with sculpting and such.

Right now I am going to college for a diploma in website design, but in a year or so I plan on going to ABACK and getting a Arts degree.

I have a boyfriend that I love very much, that's cipher-032 (DA) :] Yes he lives in England and I live in the US, sounds crazy I know, but love knows no boundarys! And we've been going out almost 3 years, now tell me that ain't love!

species Kuguar
gender female
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Latest Journal posted 22 Apr 2012

Yes sorry I have removed most of my commission work that was couple's or sexy art work. If you have commissioned me and didn't save you picture or lost it, just note me and I will get it to you, its still on my laptop, just not on DA or any other art sights sorry.

I have also removed most of my old lombax and panda art, also only the couple's and sexy art, so manly just only new Kuguar art in in my gallery. Sorry guess, i'm just tried of .....they who must not be named using my old art for her stock.

Also I might not be putting up any more commission work, but i'm not sure, i'll still do commission work, don't worry, but I might not post it anymore, but still haven't made my mind up on that one.

So yeah, just a lil there you go :/

Katie :3

Lawd Desidas 2 years ago
Thanks for accepting my FR!
Little Creeper 2 years ago
I love your artwork :3 How you can draw so cute pics? =3
OSTIC Predator 2 years ago
fluffboy 2 years ago
Heya, i absolutely adore your art work ^_^
KatieKuguar 2 years ago
awwww thank you *hugs*