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About OSTIC Predator
My name is Rex Sabre.
I am a member of the Furry community and I work for them too, I love to game and listen to music, Please don't be afraid of me XD
species Septh
gender male
loves 3D, 70s, 80s likes Bounty Hunter, Character Development, Fanart tolerates Censored, Clean, Drama hates Cheating, Church, Fat
132 submissions 18,729 page views 51 comments received 229 comments posted 2,921 profile views
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WhiteGuardian 11 months ago
Thanks for the watch ^_^
ShinigamiNameless 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch =3
Shaunicus pornicus 2 years ago
yo thanks for the watch ^^
SpeakingWolf 2 years ago
Hi, ____! I'm REALLY sorry for the late response, but I just wanted to say thanks SOOOO much for the watch! *hugs* ^_^
manipadstudio 2 years ago
WhiteGuardian 2 years ago
Thanks for your watch, fave and vote :)
balto1234 2 years ago
uberxtechnic 2 years ago
Thank you for the favourite, and for watching! :")
Fluffy Daemon 2 years ago
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CheetagonZita 2 years ago
Thank you for the watch and fave :)