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About dmfalk
I am a furry/SF/humour writer and a 3-decade veteran of the furry community, both local and online. I also dabble in photography and astronomy, with a lifelong passion for radio. My fursona is a skunk, but my main character is a mouse. I like squirrels, mice, bunnies, and the occasional leptictidium. :)

I'm much more active on Inkbunny, where, amongst other things, I run an ongoing Writing Challenge. Most of my stories & poems are there, as well as works by others for me.

I'm a strong advocate for Creative Commons.

I am the dreamer, the unwoken fool... I only meant to stay for a while. :)
species Skunk (male) / Mouse (female)
gender male from Eureka, California, USA
1 submissions 63 page views 1 comments received 1 comments posted 140 profile views
groups   Love of Sciuridae

Lupine Assassin 6 months ago
Happy birthday! ^^
catprowler 6 months ago
:3 This is more my home than I.B. would be glad to see more of you here.
Rivercoon 7 months ago
Thank you for faving THE RUN.
DOtter 1 year ago
...oops... and thanks for voting it up, too.
DOtter 1 year ago
Thanks for faving "The Scout." I'm glad you liked it. Happy birfday, Dennis! ;)
Lupine Assassin 1 year ago
Thank you! :D
DOtter 2 years ago
Gmail put Sofurry's notification in my spam box. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Thanks for watching me! ^_^