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About hanyoneko
While most call my hanyo, my fursona's name is Frektane Kaliska, red wolf. I am an aspiring artist and taxidermist, but currently make my living making coffee. i'm mated, but to a non-fur.
art is a hobby of mine, i tend to pick up many little hobbies. therefore my art is sparse and not great. But I love constructive criticism, and feel like i've slowly been getting better!
species Red Wolf (Canis Rufus)
gender female
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Latest Artwork

Metalhound91 2 years ago
I see them, very nicely done! I also love the dress up meme and the link dress up for fantasy. x3
Metalhound91 2 years ago
Well give it time and hopefully you'll be able to expand on your craft. ^^

so which ones are yours heh heh.
Metalhound91 2 years ago
Not exactly awesome????? I call BS on that, the pics on your profile alone spells out "Awesomeness". x3