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I am a shifter, I can do both male and fem forms, I dont like restrictions on imagination, and I seem to have an affinity for subyness, if anyone wants to do a comission or anything, let me know and Ill send along a rough description of what Im after, yiff well and procreate fellow furs!!! I am Snugglepuppy's collared pet, she keeps me happy, and I do the same, love you mistress.

new to the fray, as those in the combat club know, I have a VAST stock of weponry from mundane to the downright wtf degree, my lattest additions to this long list of maimers and mincers are a pair of custom keyblades, the heavy feather, and the combat call, both blades (seen in link provided ) are well balanced and suit my florentine style of fighting (two weapons for those unsure of the term)

heavy feather -the purple keyblade boasts great power and innate magical ability, but it doesnt truly sing until it comes to combos, the massive bost that comes from the end of its combo is sure to put anything in its place.

combat call- looks like a giant version of a standardized army knife and has the strength stat to back its boast, its long reach and combo shortening ability compliments the medium range of the heavy feather and makes the combos short and fast, making any defender hard pressed to survive its wrath.

both weapons drawn and provided by Gigi1t, thank you hun^.^

species shifter
gender hermaphrodite
loves 3D, 8-bit, Abduction hates Foot Fetish, Sweat, twilight
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Latest Journal posted 31 Dec 2013

wow, this has been one eventful year, first my leaving of vegas (which caused immense happiness I must admit) my acclimation to my new state, my interesting luck with work/life, how much I have changed/not changed as a person (more responsible, still have a gaming addiction) I just wish one particular aspect of my strange life would change, but ah well, tempering that part of my life will take time no matter what it is, started trying to write more regularly/seriously (not there yet but soon enough) yeah, just a really interesting year, small side note, of completed/beaten mainline games: saints row 3, borderlands 2 halo 4, gears of war 3, resident evil 5, bioshocks 1 and 2, portal, (the cake is indeed a lie) bloodrayne 2, def jam fight for new york, S.L.A.I, halo ODST, and I think there were one or two more, but I cant recall off the top of my head, honorable mentions, skyrim, batman arkham asylum GOTY edition, morrowind.

I think that will be it for me this time, no reason to blither on about little...

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Smexy Oryx 1 week ago
Thanks for voting :>
kitarl 1 week ago
not a problem at all hun
Zeefa 3 weeks ago
Thanks for all the favs ♥
kitarl 3 weeks ago
no prob hun ^.^
MechaChick 3 weeks ago
Thanks so much for more votes on my artwork :)
Brother Orin 3 weeks ago
Thank you greatly for the watch, if you or anyone you know ever needs a commission, I'm always available.
kitarl 3 weeks ago
if the few bits of your work that ive seen are any indication, I may commishion you the next time I have work
MechaChick 1 month ago
Thanks for another vote , <3
MechaChick 1 month ago
Thanks for voting on the dragon lady ^^
MechaChick 1 month ago
Thanks for another vote ^^
SMWolf 1 month ago
I see that you liked the cats at Prophetstown. Perhaps you should go see them one day. It should only be about a 90 minute trip for you.
kitarl 1 month ago
mayhap, just need to find the time and the funds
SMWolf 1 month ago
Yeah, I know that your situation is more than a bit of a bitch. :(

Still, the occasional low cost outing can be good for the soul.
kitarl 1 month ago
thine words ring true, oh, have you read a webcomic called looking for group? it has been rather entertaining, I just rediscovered it not long ago, thought id share
Homo Habilis 1 month ago
I know this is a bit late, but thanks for the vote.
MechaChick 1 month ago
Thanks for another vote :)