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About Anakani
Some days I can be found working, others I can be playing games, writing, or drawing. Then of course I could be playing guitar and trying to get a musical piece done. Or I could be nothing at all, in which I will being just found being nutty around the house and trying to survive day by day.
species Fox
gender female from North Havre, MT, USA
loves 80s, Ambient, Canine tolerates Drugs hates 420
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Latest Journal posted 06 Apr 2014

Well it was raining, hailed more like it but then it got all sunny again. It was pleasing to hear the thunder once more, even if it was for a little while. I'm gonna try to get some writing done today.  Just how much? Even I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see. Alright then. I'll update you on the situation as it develops.

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Memory (Work Still In Progress)
by Anakani    1 year ago    
Wolves Twilight: Take 2
by Anakani    1 year ago    
Our Sadness (Final Cut)
by Anakani    1 year ago    
Do Or Die
by Anakani    1 year ago    

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Thanks for faving!
Anakani 7 months ago
You're welcome.
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Anakani 1 year ago
Your Welcome