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About Silver_Folf
Fox/Wolf hybrid with a wolf body. I have black fur the foxes tail with a silver tip with a fox's gloves but only silver it goes half way up my forearms and from my feet to just below my knees is silver, finally from my chin to my crotch is also silver. My muzzle is a bit thinner like a fox's.

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Normally I'm very quiet and keep to my self. I can be a smart-mouth. I'm 18 as of December 10th, 2012. YAY!


So a bit more about me, hmmm. I'm only a 5 foot 9(yes I'm short). Music is my life, I don't go any where with out my iPod, 90% of the time I have a head phone bud in. I also play the guitar, not very good. I'm currently learning to play the bass guitar and it feels so much more natural.

!~Meaning of a Lick~!
*Lick on the Tail: Will You Be My Mate?*
*Lick on the Ear: I Think You're Cute!*
*Lick on the Stomach/Belly: I'm Ready*
*Lick on the Forehead: For Comfort*
*Lick on the Paw: Your My Everything*
*Lick Below the Chin: I Like You*
*Lick on the Nose: I Love You*
*Lick on the Neck: We Belong Together*
*Lick on the Shoulder: I Want You*
*Lick on the Lips: I Need You*
*Lick on the Back: For Fun!*
*Lick on Chest: I'm Sorry...*

*Winter-Black or gray cargo pants w/ black over coat of badassery, black&gray scarf with band t-shirts.

Thanks for the watches furs, you all rule. I'll try to thank every one, but if I can't, I just want to let everyone know that I definitely appreciate it .

species Folf(fox/wolf)
gender male from Indiana, USA
loves Anal, Bukkake, Cock Worship likes Cunt Boy, cum in pussy tolerates Mouse, Rat, Rodent hates Cheating, Human
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Latest Journal posted 09 Apr 2014

The story should be up by Friday and  to keep with other stuff follow me on Twitter, user name Silver_Folf not a very creative when it comes to user name.

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