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About Silvervampirewolf
Age: 19
cock: has two cocks one right above the other sheaths are massive my cocks are 20 inche long and as thick as a horses. My knots are both 9 inches thick cloths: just sown black, silver, red, or purples pants Hair: Callie beach blond
Fur: silver colored with black ears tail hands and feet
my horns and wings are not ou all the time. One wing and horn is black he other wing and horn is silve
I am a switch I can be both dominant and submissive. Only will submit to those who earn it. Mated to sheppy puppy
species A vampire wolf
gender male
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groups   All Male Gayness
  Tentacles on Males
  Pregnancy and Impregnatio...

scarletfurry223 4 months ago
I may not be a dom femboi bunny but will you still rp with me?
Tiger37 1 year ago
HI from Spirit Claw.
SnowGreymane 1 year ago
Yo there mate (;
Last one 1 year ago
be glad you don't live there......unfortunately i still live there
hensley 2 years ago
silver please were are you
Silvervampirewolf 2 years ago
Silvervampirewolf 2 years ago
I have started to get out more and try and find a nice an scaring bf/gf who will like me for me
Furriegirlwannaplay 2 years ago
What happened to our RP? you deleted the thread!
HolidayPup 2 years ago
heya there Silver
Silvervampirewolf 2 years ago
Pokes- hi
Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one
Hey where'd you go