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For some more of what I like to call my "art", check out my comics:

or visit my FurAffinity page:

About friend requests: I don't have any friend specific stuff so you don't need to submit a friend request if you just want to do a simple watch instead...

Also: I do not log in to SoFurry every day, so do not feel neglected if I fail to respond to your comments immediately. (Hint: Watch me on Fur Affinity!)

(You can also find me and my "art" on deviantART and Inkbunny, but I am not very active there.)

Thanks for the WATCHES and all the STARS and FAVES!

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dragunsnow 1 year ago
No prob
Lin Skies 1 year ago
I like your art style ;)
Micke 1 year ago
*bows* ;)
Also, the vixens and I thank you for the watch and all the stars and faves!
Lin Skies 1 year ago
You're welcome, man :)
balto1234 1 year ago
Sovietstar93 2 years ago
no problem ^^