About GazzSalad
I am Savannah Troxell and I am an artist.

Art is my passion in life, I love drawing, sketching, doodling etc, etc. My goal in life is to publish graphic novels. I have a wide variety of stories and character that I want to share with the population. I work as a freelance artist and colorist along side my comic making, so my hands are elbow deep in the cookie jar. I have been drawing since a young age, I am self taught and mix traditional media with digital.

I work with SAI, Photoshop & Manga Studio.
Gazz-Salad is my nickname.
Salem Art Studio is the name of my brand.
species Ferret
gender female from Winter park, FL , United States
loves 80s, Action, Adult likes 70s, Afghan hound, Apophysis tolerates Alternative Spiritual, Big Band, Blues hates African, Audio Book, Bathroom
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RenaRuno 1 year ago
hey u ok im kinda worried for ya :/
DragonTalon 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch, dragoness!
RenaRuno 2 years ago
hey hun just wondering when the drawing will be done and such :3
nafyo 2 years ago
thanks for the fav ^^
Leo_Todrius 2 years ago
You found me by accident? That's great, I'm glad you like the stories!