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I have decided to start informally accepting writing commissions free of charge as a tentative experiment. I don't plan on advertising this. Basically, my ultimate goal is to improve my writing skills and I figured it might be fun writing for others.

I will write character biographies, personal stories, smut stories, and pretty much anything else. Turn around time depends on what I'm working on and what is being asked, but it should be fairly quick.. Also, sorry for the messy set up of all this..

Shoot me a message to discuss the details and we'll see if I can help.


Heya little lambs! Welcome to my humble profile. I'm a simple soul who enjoys writing, constantly practices, and dreams of becoming a novelist some day. I came here seeking a more relaxed writing environment than my usual stomping grounds and to try my hand at some erotic work. As a reader short stories have always interested me, especially as an erotic medium, and as an avid writer myself I've always wanted to give it a go. Sitting down and writing equals practice and thus improvement so as long as I'm doing just that I'm happy. Simple, ja?

I'm also a long time role-player, mostly of the forum variety, but I employ chat fairly often. Feel free to invite me to a role-play session or hit me up to start one. I usually play a sentient wolf spirit as role-playing a magic based feral is often different and interesting, so I enjoy it. I also have several other characters, including my other major one, a black horned kirin who I role-play with almost as often.

I am however very flexible and can role-play a any anthro in just about any setting, modern, fantasy, or otherwise. I also don't really care if the rp is sexual or clean, and equally enjoy either.

Lastly, feel free to comment and offer feedback on my work. I do enjoy receiving them, so don't be afraid to speak up even if it's simply to criticize!
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Latest Journal posted 30 Oct 2011

All of you have been pretty darn supportive to someone who is fairly new to the site, which I appreciate greatly, but unfortunately a few of you seem to be afraid I'll just drop my stories and vanish. Well, I'm here to tell you that...your fears are valid! I just might vanish, and you'll never know when it will happen! Bwahahaha!

Anyway, been sort of busy working on my novel, writing in more serious circles (I platonically love you guys, so don't take offense, but I mostly come here to relax and free-form write without the planning and going through nine drafts). Managed to stumble through both my clean and adult submission for the 2011 Halloween Contest. They're both up, so feel free to read them. We'll see how that turns out...

As for future content..I've got plenty of kinky story ideas swimming around in my head right now, all of them "sketched". I just need to write them up and post them. Three of them I've gone beyond the concept and brainstorming stage with, so I'll detail them briefly ...

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Toumal 2 years ago
Hey there! Please poke me via PM for your contest prize!
punkkitten7x2 2 years ago
First shout! XD Thanks for the watch and fave XD <3
Sorrowsong 2 years ago
No problem, keep up the good work!
punkkitten7x2 2 years ago
I will XD Thanks for all the faves, star, faves and comments, I will get back to you on the comment you left but I may be offline for a while. Thanks again X3